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  1. Unfortunately we don't live in Saarland.
  2.   In Germany, does the spouse not inherit without a will?   Edit: regardless of the answer, we should really get our wills done to make it easier for whoever deals with our estate
  3.   Yes an excellent point.   The other possibility of couse is the event of her death and her parents being entitled to their Pflichtteil.   I thought this type of practical thinking was actually quite German...who certainly aren't known for their romance.
  4.   We actually went for a few sessions of pre-marriage counselling to discuss such topics. Most of the major topics we had already covered, but the counseller also raised some other intersting topics that we hadn't considered.   We have combined finances. We both receive income in our joint account, and use the joint account for all expenses, joint and personal. Even if one spouse earns more, it ensures everything is very equitable. e.g. I am not rolling around in a Benz while my wife rolls in a VW Up.
  5.   Yes perhaps you are right. Maybe some reflection is required on my part. Could I have some unresolved or sub-conscious commitment issues?
  6.   I am trying to determine what would be fair for both parties.
  7.   I think it is mature to acknowledge that a marriage can end in divorce.
  8. Me and my wife will be buying a house for 350k €, and the deposit of 35.000 € will come entirely from me. I will also be paying the Notar fees and Grundsteuer.   Is it recommended to include in the contract that if we sell, I get 50% + 35.000 €? Or is it typical that the ownership would be split 55:45 instead of 50:50?   We have no marriage contract so in the event of divorce, everything gained during the marriage would be split 50:50 (Zugewinnausgleich), so perhaps this actually resolves any difference in deposit...
  9. Time scales for moving into a purchased house

    Keep the keys until march 1st. If they want to visit the property to prepare for works i.e. take measurements, meet with Handwerker then you or the Makler can supervise the visit.   I've just sold a UK property and have been told under no circumstances are keys to be released until the Notar tells me.   This is why we have contracts. Everything on paper and read out at the Notar meeting so everyone involved understands the steps of the process.
  10. Time scales for moving into a purchased house

      It should be in the contract.   We transferred the purchase funds 30 sept but it was agreed the previous owner could stay until 30 October, providing they care for the property and keep it insured. Not uncommon.
  11. Have all admins abandoned Toytown?

      *Insert incest joke here*
  12. Have all admins abandoned Toytown?

      I never get a thank you for holding doors open in Germany, but I just can't not do it cos I'm too bloody English. And I'm also too English to say anything about it.
  13. We are in the nice position that we are currently on Grundversorgungstarif after just buying a property. I also noticed this week there are some cheaper contracts available, and also that our Grundversorger has reduced the prices, 14,71 Cent/kWh & 40,96 Cent/kWh. As the price brake runs until next March, I think I'll wait and see how much lower the contracts go.
  14. Bringing ashes from Uk

    Last year I brought some to Germany from the UK by car and ferry. It never even occurred to me I may need permission.
  15. Wiring a serial light switch.

      I'm currently re-wiring my new house and hadn't even considered any sort of smart technology for switches. Does this switch allow you to control it via your smart phone/web interface etc? Are there any other benefits? e.g. timer. Would a smart bulb be an alternative to a smart switch?