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  1. Hamburg furnished flats

    Hi, I'll return to Hamburg soon and was wondering, if some of you've rented a furnished flat in Hamburg when you've moved there? Thought maybe somebody could recommend or has made good experience with a website or company, they are not so expensive, I could contact. I know Hamburg is very expensive, but I don't have a choice, want to concentrate to get a job at first.   Thank you in advance and greetings from Paignton
  2. new in the forum moving to Hamburg

    Hi John, thanks a lot for the advice. Health insurance can be very expensive, so I hope I'll get a job, maybe as English/German speaker
  3. Hi there,   How lucky I'm feeling that I've found your website.   May I introduce myself at first. My name is Christine and I'm originally from Germany (Reinbek near Hamburg). I've been living in the UK since 2008, but now it is time to return to Germany/Hamburg. I'm working as a support worker with disabled people and hope I can do this job in Hamburg too. I'm in the process, sending my applications to some organizations. I also consider getting a work from home job, because I've worked in customer service.   I'll return at the end of March if everything goes well and I've found a job, fingers crossed.   I already know I'll miss the charity shops, the humour of the the British people and speaking English, so it will be nice having contact to people of different nationalities and maybe meet up in Hamburg.   Thank you for reading wishing you all a nice day.   Christine