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  1. I'm searching for an apartment and toured one yesterday that's all but perfect. The owner is not originally german, and lives outside of Germany. He said he needs to still be registered at the apartment since he works in Germany for like 1 month of the year, so we would register in addition to him though we would be the only ones actually living in the apartment. We'd just collect his mail and set it aside so he can pick it up like 1x a year.    Am I right that this seems sketchy/scammy? Is it even legal for him to do this? The only reason I'm even asking is because the apartment is so nice, I would love if it was all legit... 
  2. Apartment scam, or legit? (Anmeldung question)

    Thank you everyone! It seems I was right to think it sounded sketchy. Maybe he's not actually trying to scam us, but even so I'd rather just keep looking. Yay more apartment hunting... Lol