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  1. So I got some very bad medical news today and I was mad about life and did something stupid that I have never done before. I put a hairband in my pocket and attempted to leave the store value was 10 euro. I was caught and police was invited. This is clearly the firs time this has ever happened to me. They didn't say much to me I could see they are filing a report( the store guy did this) and put a usb stick with a video in an envelope and then give it to the police officer that was really nice actually . They didn't make me sign anything and they did take a look at my foreign driver lisance and they took my word about the address where I'm staying. He told me I cant shop in this store for one year and that I will get a fine in the mail but that was it.  I know what I did is stupid and iI regret it and will never do it again and I cant even explain why I did this but I'm gonna go to therapy . Will it be on my criminal recorded am I going to jail I'm really scared.