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  1. Hello all. I am visiting Berlin during the Berlinale/EFM (European Film Market), 16-20 February. I am hosting an informal get-together and hoping the good folk on this site can help in suggesting a potential venue. 


    The EFM staff have been helpful but all they can offer are "official" spaces and some of the attendees will not have a EFM Market Badge and so cannot access the EFM buildings such as the Gropius Bau. EFM also uses the free-access Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton but by 5pm the hotel lobbies are packed and the noise level is too intense.  


    The event will take place in the early evening, probably 5pm to 8pm (flexible). The date is also flexible, but will hopefully be sometime Friday to Sunday 17-19th. It will be a "mutual introduction" or networking event, where myself and three friends invite all our connections who are attending EFM or live in Berlin to come along and meet each other in a semi-organised way. A kind of speed-dating if you like, only without the romance. It's hard to tell how many people will attend although we should aim for at least a dozen and a maximum of 25.


    Ideally the venue would be not far from Potsdamer Platz or the Gropius Bau. We really only need tables and chairs, although one key factor is NO MUSIC - music makes it impossible to have proper conversations. We are open to any suggestions - public or private spaces, out-of-hours offices, cafés, community halls... all ideas welcome. 


    Hope you can help!