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  1. Taxes declaration on gifts

    Hi,    A company donates me a phone and a laptop which are second hand. I know the original price but the second hand price, I can only estimate it.   Do I need to pay taxes on those items? What is the best way to estimate a fair value? They do not estimate the second hand values either.   Thanks!
  2. Fired from work

      Thank you. I actually do not have anything to sign just a pdf without their part signature.    I think they want to discuss first and make sure we are in an agreement. I manage to find a lawyer to consult tomorrow on the case.   Thank you so much
  3. Fired from work

      I do not have a lawyer insurance but I also read you can proceed with a claim even without a lawyer.   I have a lawyer appointment tomorrow to review the documents. Also, they offered the deal for all the coworkers but I still did not get the signed up version of it. So I do not have anything right now.    I hope they arrange a meeting to discuss the settlement agreement and my dismissal. 
  4. Fired from work

        Thank you for the suggestion. I will go over all these posts.
  5. Fired from work

      I am sorry. I thought I could post this anonymously to ask for guidance.
  6. Fired from work

    Hi,   I got fired from work due to "restructuring changes". I was some of the few affected from my team and it was done during my vacation. They sent me a settlement agreement as a pdf which is not yet valid from any parts. I was fired by e-mail and since then they did not answer the questions that I had. They promised on another e-mail 12 weeks of severance but in the deal there is only 8 weeks described. I have only two/three weeks to act on this, so I am not sure if someone here can help me to understand my chances:   - Does it worth to take them to court? I heard court can take years to solve and I am not sure if I can work in the meantime or if they will provide me with my salary until is solved. - What is the best way to negotiate with them as they neither sent me the real deal nor they want to answer my questions. - Can I getter a better deal for the settlement agreement?   I will have a lawyer appointment soon but I just want to find the best strategy to leave it in peace.   Thanks everyone for any help,