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  1. Backpayments for a freelance coming from out of the eu

    Thank you so much for your time answering this! im sending you a private messege i didn't plan on being emplyoed anytime soon, i can possibly take some side mini job for the sake of avoiding the full 2400€ of backpayment (200 a month i assume?) or i was also told i might be able to pick an international insurance for a while, then to apply for public and not get charged the full amount but with the monthly cost of the international insurance? i guess im desperetly looking for a loophole of somesorts.. was saving the money to make a step up in the buisness but it will now all flush on the payments (not that im anaware that's entirely my fault) pretty confused but a hopefull little wurst. 🌭
  2. Hey there! first of all so happy ot find out this fourm with all this awesome info, really helping me wrap my head around the  whole matter of health insurance in germany. happy to see this old school concept of internet people sharing theyre knowledge. as to my matter, i cant seem to figure out how to come out of the mass i stupidly created:   25y/o, german citizen but from outside the eu, was and still am coverd by public health in my country of origin. 1.2021 I moved to Berlin and did my anmeldung here. was on and off in germany. started filling tk forms of application but did not finish. 6.2021 registerd as a freelance buisness (cam op and other video work), was making very little money. 11.2021 moved to a new flat, registered again (moving my address from my old sublet) was finelly asking again for tk forms, as im filling them  i was getting aware of the problem of the backpayments, that would be possible but fairly hard for me to pay. i did not have any insurance but the public one back in my home state, maybe a international one for my first month in berlin for like a month. my question is: as a freelance german citizen that registered here 12 month ago, is there a possibilty for my to avoid the back payments?  i know i was irresponsible and lazy, but better face that now than never.. as im reading here i understand i have de registering option, and international health insurance option?  i just want to be coverd good, im 25 and have no background illness. thanks for anyone to help me. and thank you for participating in this great platform. may i be the one helping others one day    
  3. I am a rat eating a pancake :)