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  1. Railway Conductor

    Hi everyone, happy new year.   Currently several German railway companies are searching for conductors for the routes: Hamburg-Bremen Hamburg-Uelzen-Hannover Uelzen-Göttingen Hannover-Wolfsburg-Braunschweig-Goslar-Bad Harzburg Should you be searching for a new position, please read the following information: Prerequisites: ·       Fluent German – both written & spoken ·       Clean polizeiliches Führungszeugnis ·       Driving licence (Car) (This prerequisite may not be relevant should you live, for example, in Hamburg or another large city) ·       Aufenthaltserlaubnis (Must be allowed to work) ·       Stamina (Shifts can be up to 11 hours)   Information regarding the position(s) ·       Full or part time possible ·       Good rates of pay ·       3-month induction training (Classroom & practical) ·       Home train station could be: o   Hamburg o   Rotenburg (Wumme) o   Bremen o   Lüneburg o   Uelzen o   Hannover o   Göttingen o   Bad Harzberg ·       Possibility of permanent early/Day/late shifts Should anyone need/want more information, I can be contacted at the following mail address: Best wishes Paul.