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  1. Is my UK pension taxable in Germany

    Hello Panda, Thanks again for your competent, and generous help. I've sent the tax return for 2022 off to the F.A. and will have to wait now for their next move. I worked out, using the WISO Steuer, back to 2016, that I should have paid between €150 and €250 a year more tax, for 2021, 2020, and so forth on my returns, so I don't reckon that they'll jump on me too much. I'll let you know how it goes, and their reply. Many thanks.
  2. Thinking about leaving Germany

    Hello Forum, this is a rather old thread, but it fits in with my theme and thoughts for today, August 2023.  My spouse and I are experiencing a gradual onset of depression in our location in Germany, situated on the North Sea coast in East Friesland. It is August, and the weather conditions are chilly, windy, blustery, and wet. So we thought, why not move to a different part of Europe? We are both German pensioners, and I receive German, British, and Forces pensions. We would like to keep as much of these pensions as possible. This means low taxes, a good but economical living standard, and low prices for both food and petrol. Lastly, a quality and efficient health service. We currently rent a small house, and that is what we would look for anywhere else. Have any of the forum members any ideas? Croatia, Spain, Holland, France, Greece, and others? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if you have actually settled anywhere apart from the UK or Germany, and are happy with where you are.  We appreciate your valuable thoughts and comments.
  3. Is my UK pension taxable in Germany

    Thanks again for your swift reply. Since my 60 birthday was February 2016, the payments started in March, and because of the exchange rate, each month the payment into my account in € fluctuates. However, on my Advice of Payment 2016 the Annual Rate of £1688.96 was noted. So I reckon that I have to use this amount and use the official exchange rate of 0,77559 from Feb.2016. ?
  4. Is my UK pension taxable in Germany

    Hello Panda, Once again, a thousand thanks for your generous, professional and capable assistance. I reckon, thanks to your guidance, that I am ready to send my tax declaration for 2022 to the F.A. A very last question on the matter.  The force’s pension is declared on the Anlage N.  The WISO tax programme that I use, asks, of course, for an „Arbeitgeber“, „Berufsgruppe“ and "Tätigkeit“. As I’m declaring a military Pension here, my question would be: Can I leave those fields free, or am I required to fill out things like ‚Rentner‘ „Renten, versicherungsfreie Tätigkeit“, "Steuerklasse" Again, many thanks.  PPS. Payments, whether UK Army or UK Pension , although paid in £ , land on the bank account in €. Am I right in saying, from now on I only have to declare the € Euros that land on my bank account yearly, or do the Annual Rates from the UK, have to be converted. ?
  5. Is my UK pension taxable in Germany

    Hello Forum, Panda, and all who helped me on this subject before. I'm back. After all of your help earlier this year, many thanks, I filled out my tax return for 2022 and gave it to my Steuerberater in March. I'd been in contact with the Krankenkasse, paid my back debts for the last four years, and now I pay monthly. Krankenversicherung 7,3 %. Zusatzbeitrag 0,75 % Pflegeversicherung 3,4 % on my UK. State Pension. On top, I pay: Krankenversicherung 14,6 %. Zusatzbeitrag 1,5 % Pflegeversicherung 3.4 % on my Equinity, Forces Pension. I informed my Steuerberater to fill out the Tax Return for 2022, and include my UK Pension for 2022, started in Feb 2022 and the Equinity Pension for 2022, started 02, 2016, and INFORM the F.A about not declaring the payments from 2016 onwards for the Equinity Pension. Until yesterday, the Steuerberater hadn't lifted a finger on my tax return. So, pretty annoyed, I picked up my papers and wrote to the F.A explaining the situation, concerning the Equinity Pension, saying how sorry, and ignorant I was, promising to pay, back dues and interest, basically a "Selbstanzeige". Here, I need your help again. For the Uk State Pension I was paid €7.815. This I have declared in the Anlage AUS. Zeile 66. Großbrittanien, Department for Works and State Pensions, Einkunftsart §22 EStG For the Forces Equinity Pension I was paid €2.121. This I have declared in the Anlage R- AUS. Zeile 5. Rentenbeitrag €2.121 Beginn der Rente Feb 2016. Am I filling out the forms correctly ? I remain truly thankful and indebted for all the help you can give me. Thankyou.
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