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  1. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

    Based on my tax class 3 it's 3982 EUR net monthly income.Will check about insurance, thanks!
  2. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

    Thank you all for your thoughts! As i understood, more or less it could be OK for my family in terms of the basic costs, but depends on the lifestyle (where i need to calculate now more carefully).
  3. 70k EUR gross for life in Dusseldorf

    Dear community,  Need your opinions pls if it's tough to live in Dusseldorf with an offer 70K EUR gross base pay (+5K annual bonus): a family (2 adults,one 7yr old child).Based on numbeo, looks like it covers standard family costs, but interested in real-life thoughts, appreciate your opinions.