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  1. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      I think we should strive for a society where nobody needs to own a car. Design cities around pedestrians, cyclists and public transport that results in cars actually being an inconvenient method of transport.   I also live in a city and use a bicycle to travel, and the majority of car trips I see people making here could be made by bicycle, bus, tram etc instead.   Replacing ICE cars with EV cars doesn't do anything to solve these problems.   That said, I fully support a ban of all privately owned diesel cars in all cities.   This channel has many good videos about Urban planning:
  2. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

      An except from Keleth's upcoming comment:   Well look at you Keith, driving around in your fancy EV, you smug bastard. Mr Moneybags acting all pious and superior just because he can afford an EV unlike us peasants driving around in our dirt-boxes, polluting the air, poisoning children. But you don't really care, do you Keith? Not really. It's all just image for you. Keith-washing, I call it. Waving at other EV drivers like you are in a special little "I care so much about the planet" club. Pretending you care about air quality and the impending climate disaster. You damn hypocrite Keith.  
  3. Giving Birth Outside Germany

  4. You could also try asking here:
  5. Fired from work

    Termination given verbally, by e-mail, SMS etc are invalid. Termination letters must be printed, signed and give to you physically.   Also do not sign any termination agreement they try and give you unless you fully understand and agree to everything contained within.
  6. Holborn, Empire Property

    Considering Japan have had an average interest and inflation rate of <1% since their 80s crash, it probably doesn't matter that their stock market has been stagnant since then.   A good argument to diversify and invest in multiple countries perhaps. E.g Vanguard All World.
  7. Holborn, Empire Property

      I'd agree if discussing single companies or sectors, but not for an index fund that tracks the SPY500. I like JL Collins article on this topic:
  8. Apartment scam, or legit? (Anmeldung question)

    Probably a scam
  9. Hello,   There are some tax advisors pinned to the top of the following forum:   A professional tax return will cost you a few hundred Euro. That's potentially more than you are likely to receive back from the tax office.   There are also some cheaper options available that have an English interface, but perhaps won't be able to advise you on your specific scenario:
  10.   It doesn't matter why they want to come back in the future. They only want to know if they can.
  11.   Alternatively, could you apply for German citizenship while keeping your current citizenship?
  12. Holborn, Empire Property

    You'll likely get more than 10% a year by simply investing in the S&P 500, with much lower risk. Given the past years performance, 10% over the next few years is probably a conservative prediction.   But if you have some fun money that you use for riskier investments, perhaps investing in a company that are cold calling people asking for money could be interesting.
  13. Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    American pancakes with slices of banana, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with extra crispy bacon was my preference.   I'm don't eat animals anymore so haven't had bacon for a while, but the smell always gets my mouth watering.
  14. The return of the sleeper train in Europe

    The one taking the photographs
  15. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

      I think @murphaph meant that because the modules cast shadows, that shaded area is unusable for other modules, thus reducing the total available installation space.   I sure hope no installers are placing modules in the shade of another module.