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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any school that are in English around Nuremberg, Germany? My bestfriend is going to tutor him for a year in German to get him introduced to it (which he is way above his age range, so no worries there) while he is going to the English school. Any comments or suggestions on what we should do or any ideas in this area. I thought that it would work out good if he was in an English school for a year then switched, or after he was doing well enough switch him. I am new to this and just am thinking a lot about things and asking questions before we try to make the move. He is just 7 as of April and his little brother just turned 4 this last week. So, I will be needing schooling for them both. I was wondering if it was even possible to have them go to a school where maybe they have both, I dont even know if thats a possible thing or not. But, anyways, I would love to hear from you all.