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  1. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    do you mean currency exchange? I am buying from USD itself no exchange with euro
  2. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    has anyone idea of US Treasury Bond risks?  I thought buying as it offers 5% interest rate but any chances of losing money?
  3. fired

    dont sign, go to lawyer and sue them leave bad reviews on glasdoor, kununu and google maps
  4. Buying apartment for non residenty

    When do we need to pay  Zweitwohnungsteuer ? like when apartment is closed and not rented?
  5. Is there any online doctor in psychology-psychiatry, which will give sick leave paper for employer? online without going to office
  6. Buying apartment for non residenty

    Boss, I was typing fast and made some mistakes , don't be a smart *ss
  7. Buying apartment for non residenty

    Hi all A non resident (deregistered) Germany citizen can buy apartment in Germany and stay deregistered? also maximum how long in a year can stay in apartment in order not to be required to register
  8. banking with Wise

    as I know comdirect will not give uk specific sort code and account number have you tried to get uk bank account itself?  if you have no address in uk you can rent and digital postbox for around 5-10 euros if no other options work for you then yes wise and revolut have uk sort codes and direct debits no problem but I would not recommend helding more than 10 k on them
  9. banking with Wise

    wise is know for freezing accounts with some reasons it is better to use traditional banks also you will have no protections in case of insolvency of wise like you do in normal banks  
  10. Hi all I have heard you get more pension if study times are recognized by German pension authority Deutsche Rentenversicherung   any idea how this process works? to recognize studies done outside Germany
  11. Hi all How is this working for 2023 after brexit? Is it required to charge VAT from Germany to UK?  Is it required even to provide German VAT number in invoice?
  12. Niederlassungserlaubnis expiry time limits

    it is adviced to apply for "reentry permit" if you leaving for more than 6 month
  13. new dual citizenship law

      Die Mehrfachstaatsangehörigkeit wird für alle Menschen möglich sein mit der Reform des Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetzes. Ob sich Ausländer:innen in Deutschland einbürgern lassen, ob Deutsche im Ausland den Pass ihrer neuen Heimat annehmen oder ob frühere Optionspflichtige zusätzlich zum deutschen Pass auch noch den Pass des Landes ihrer Eltern annehmen - Deutschland wird die Mehrstaatigkeit in allen Konstellationen ermöglichen.   If I correctly understood all kind of dual citizenship will be allowed weather you retaining in process of German naturalization or getting new citizenship abroad
  14. new dual citizenship law

    is there any news regarding this ?  it was supposed to happen in December
  15. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    I have done it in 6 years with German B2 certificate