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  1. Long-distance mover in Munich

    Just an update - I did move with with Smoover in the end, and it was a great experience.  The move from Switzerland was very well organized and the team super effective and caring about my items. I would definitely recommend.    Still not unpacked all the boxes, but slowly getting there.  Cant wait for warmer weather to fully appreicate Munich and explore a bit more.  
  2. I am moving from Switzerland to Munich for work in January next year, and I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for good movers in Munich?  I checked some prices from Swiss movers, and they are all super expensive, so I'm hoping the German ones will be cheaper.  I am moving from Zurich, and only have a 2 bedroom apartment.  My work gives me an allowance of up to 3k EUR for the move, but the Swiss companies I've contacted are quoting above this.   I really want to find a professional moving company, that has insurance, and takes care of all the customs documentation, not just a guy with a van.  If they can do the packing as well that would be bonus.   So if anyone has used some good movers and packers recently, and is happy to recommend them, please let me know! :
  3. Tip of the day

    don't stay up and you have to get up early in the morning because you have to go to your work
  4. Speaking German like a Native

    try to listen to the radio everyday, podcast (example easy German), mix with the greman people
  5. I'm searching for a new apartment in the center of München, could anybody point me to a good estate agent?
  6. What are you cooking today?

    rice with chicken
  7. Neighbor's packet misplaced

    ask the landlord
  8. christmas cards

    Could anyone tell me, where can I buy sweet Xmas Cards in Munich?!
  9. Could somebody inform me where I can find nice big playground in Munich?
  10. Arbeitslosengeld while living outside EU

    you have to live in Germany if you want to apply for Arbeitslosengelg
  11. What's got you flummoxed today?

    my room's door got broken
  12. mothers treffpoint

    Can you please tell me, if there is in München mothers meeting places for non-German speakers
  13. What are you watching right now?

    I have watched going in style
  14. Hello everyone,   I am thinking of buying a used car, but I'm not really familiar with the process, I was told it take months to register, is this right? if it is, how can I make things go faster? is there an office or something who can take care of this matter?