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  1. I'm living in Alsbach since a year and a half. In terms of narrowing down your list, I would definitely prefer the places that are close to a train station on the Mannheim/Heidelberg - Frankfurt line (Bensheim, Alsbach-Hähnlein, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Pfungstadt). The places further afield have sub-par bus services and you'll end up having to drive everywhere to not waste too much time.   Diversity is not exactly a strong point for the smaller places, and Bensheim probably has the least "village feel" to it. If this is a key deciding factor then I'd suggest to perhaps consider the souther side of Darmstadt, such as Eberstadt.   As you suggest, a huge plus is the proximity to awesome trails and backroads for running and cycling. Bring your trail shoes and gravel bike :). For anyone enjoying outdoor activities it is a great spot, and the local castles and surrounding areas are a big hit with the kids (and any visitors).