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  1.   Today I saw the advertisement which was posted several months ago by that company was re-posted today. Is that a bad sign?
  2.   I am thinking about whether I should rent this apartment... If I rent I definitely will join the Mieterverein.   How can I talk to neighbors if I do not know them... Just knock at their door and ask?
  3. The city center of Saarbruecken. The company is called "IMOBA Immobilienverwaltung Baubetreuung GmbH".
  4. Recently I got an offer from an apartment in the city center. The apartment looks nice (despite some small defects on the floor). However, when I searched the property manager online, I found it has very bad reviews:,1,,,   Some people say the property manager responds very slowly to broken items in the apartment, and they also do not want to return your deposit for half a year.   Considering the reviews here, should I rent this apartment, or should I spend more time to find another? Thanks a lot in advance!