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  1. einburgerung

      Hallo, Acquiring Citizenship in US after 5 years of stay is not straight forward as you mentioned, at the most legal immigrants or potential immigrants with H1B/L1 visa holders have to first acquire, Green Card so called PR. Queue, that means waiting time is in years( some times decade) years based on country of birth. Only then one can apply for Citizenship after completion of stay of 5 years after acquiring Greencard. So it is not so cheap as these SDP/FDP/Greens have contracted to sell Germany to illegal migrants. Australia, Canda and USA takes cream layer of educated migrants from 3rd world countires, Germany takes in contrary, one who stress the social system. It is obvious, what is happening in France, UK and Sweden due to their liberal Citizenship after 5 years stay, soon native Europeans have to seek for refugges in Mars in future, Europe become unlivable. My opinion is 5 years ok, but 3 years with whatever measures, seems to be nonsense.
  2. einburgerung

    These 3 Political parties should feel shame , that they want to sell to a foriegener a German Citizenship in 3 years, for one who with special integeration skills. I believe one require minimum 5-6 years to integerate in German Society, to speak a langauage some extent fluent. It looks like, these parties want only fans to vote them next time, unfortunately worth of German Citizenship will be soon declined , i do not be surprised if other developed world demand visa for German Passport holders. I would see, German Passport will loose its place and go down below drastically. Even i am ok to apply after 8 years, but cannot afford to see, what i hold has a low value.    
  3. einburgerung

    According to Bundestag, how the laws are Modified/Introduced is presented in simple way. Moreover, laws are accepted based on majority, not 2/3 majority.
  4. einburgerung

    In comparision with western european countries, where a foriegner can acquire /appply for Citizenship after 5 years of legal stay are France, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden,Finland - Germany will be joining the same league. Coalition Law makers ( SPD, FDP, Gruene) have agreed to reduce the no of years of stay requirement from 8 years to 5 years and 3 years for specially integerated group from  6 years.   Hope they implement earlier, before i want to apply next year with current 6 year rule :-)  
  5. einburgerung

    Munich has introduced sort quick check for Einbürgerung, may be useful for forum members, hence placing here
  6. einburgerung

    I agree it does make sense to file an Application for Einbürgerung even before 1 day of completing 6 years.
  7. Nationality Process for 'grenzgänger'

    Hallo, My below question is out of curiosity to know - whether you hold Citizenship from EU country, since you could work live in Germany and work in Swiss ? or what sort of residence Permit one should have for non EU Citizens, in case one can live in Germany and work in Swiss or Netherland or Austria ?  
  8. einburgerung

    I would be very keen to know some feedback based on some forumers experience,who file their application, few months ahead, since i will be in US for an year for deputation, hence thought of applying in advance.
  9. einburgerung

      Thank you for your answer :-) .  
  10. einburgerung

    Dear Members,   I am planning to file my Citizenship Application some where next year August 2022, by then i am completing 6 years of contionous stay, with Deutsch C1 + engaged in Voluntary activities. ( excluding my previous 3 years stay due to break more than 6 months) . My question is, should one has to wait for exact completion of 6 years to file the Application or even few 5-6 months earlier one can file an application ? I am hearing that some Einbürgerungsbehörde accepts the application even before 5 months, any one has some experience here, which went through successfully ?
  11. einburgerung

      Good to learn about six wheels :-)