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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yeah...I suppose I do rather declare my stance up front don't I? Maybe I'll mellow in the face of reasonably argued and evidenced alternative views.   
  2. Incoherency and ambiguity are the hallmarks of the current UK government. The site is too useful to be totally ignored yet too vague to be relied upon...
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Well, I have YET to see any real benefits to Brexit. Plenty of disadvantages though.  The problem is that the pandemic provides a wonderful obfuscating cover...that the UK government is quick to take advantage of.
  4. Hi Tor- I have an Aufenthaltsdokument-GB and have now requested an Daueraufenthal which hopefully will be available for collection within a few weeks...
  5. Hi there, as a new resident in Germany under the Brexit Withdrawal agreement, I hope somebody help me understand how the 90/180 day rule applies when travelling outside my host Germany to other EU countries.   For example, I travelled from the UK to Malaga in Spain (where I got my passport stamped with an entrance stamp) and then, 2 days later, I flew from Malaga to Vienna to see some friends and then flew 1 day later on to Germany which is my host country.   I understand that the 90/180 'clock' started ticking on entry to Malaga (from the UK) but how does it stop ticking once I re-enter Germany since I see no immigration officer at all as Spain, Austria and Germany are all part of Schengen?  If I were to later leave Germany, perhaps via Austria again and then onto the UK, has my 90/180 day clock still been ticking all this time? If I stay in Germany for, say 200 days before back to the UK (via Austria), won't I have overstayed since there's no way the outgoing immigration officer in Austria is going to know how long I've been in the EU (not including Germany as the host country).   Hope somebody can help.   Thanks.