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  1. Thanks for the tips!   My problem has been quite the opposite in that it has been difficult to find any dog for him to play with at all. I was hoping not to have to pay for him to meet dogs through a doggy day care! One of us is always at home with him and we don't really have the need to leave him in a day care. He used to get to play almost everyday when we lived in California and the rare occasion he gets to play here, he really enjoys it. I feel like he is missing out on a key social interaction by not having this opportunity.    If anyone in the area has dogs and want to form a group, I would be happy to see if they get along    
  2. Hello!   We moved to Metzingen recently with our 4 year old dog. He is friendly with other dogs and is used to playing with them almost everyday at dog parks and off leash dog areas. While there are nice places to walk with him in the area, I haven't found many dogs that are off leash or a specific dog zone where we are likely to find dogs for him to run around with.    Is there some place in the area (a 30 minute driving radius) where a lot of dogs come to play or run around?