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  1. Notice period to end tenancy

    Thanks for all the responses. Ive got no tenancy agreement.... it was a verbal agreement, i pay him cash monthly 500euros, i get no receipt, he mentioned to me it was for tax being gullible and seeing the good in people, I just went along with his drift. But now I've found a long term flat and I thought I'd do the polite thing and give him a months notice and thats where he said that i gotta give 3 months notice in Germany. I could go to the German tax authorities and mention this thing to them but the very last thing in my mind is to grass them because they have been super wonderful to me.But once again the fantastic @PandaMunich answered all of my concerns. Yes @robininson100 caught my eye immediately.  So, by the sounds of it I'm just going to have to write off another 900 euros or maybe 1500 from my dire financial situation. They have now asked me to stay and they will give me a written contract but why now all of a sudden when I'd asked them twice, a written contract is offered! I've already paid the Genossenschaft for the new flat deposit x 3 months.All of my family are German folks, Dresden born and bred, living in other countries but not once did they ever mention to me how complicated Germany is and how they get kicks out of ripping a normal person the man in the street. It's a shame really.
  2. Notice period to end tenancy

    I signed a new tenancy agreement to move to another flat end June 2022. I today gave my current landlord 30 days notice and he said to me that I got to give 3 months notice!!! Is this true? I googled it but can't find no definite answer. I am paying my current landlord 500 euros in cash every month and I dont get a receipt, the reason being that he doesnt want the tax authorities to know that he getting the said amount from me. Has he got the right to keep my deposit of 900 euros? Can he sue me for 3 x 500 = 1500 euros? My move to Germany is getting more complicated by the minute! Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Thanks @PandaMunich.... and thanks for being so patient with me. If it wasn't for you I don't what I would have done.Have a great weekend.
  4. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Thanks very much once again @PandaMunich...I will be renting the flat from 14 June 2022 from a large Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft/ housing association. I will be the only one living there. The chap at the Genossenschaft was the one that suggested a Buerge after seeing my monthly UK pension of 700 euros pm. So I gave them 3 months Kaution and a Buerge.I sign the contract next week. I had a look at the court case link and I saw that the father also had to sign the agreement!...or am I misreading? So are you saying even if my Buerge signs the contract it won't affect my entitlement to Wohngeld?. Ever since Brexit I have become a nervous wreck.
  5. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Hi @PandaMunich , I got this off the Dresden Wohngeld website where they explain the do's and dont's of the application - Quote :   Erlaeterungen zu ausgewawaehlten Fragen im Wohngeldantrag: " Berechtigt zum Stellen eines Wohngeldantrages (Wohngeldberechtige/r) ist in der Regel derjenige, der den Mietvertrag/ die Nutzungsvereinbarung abgeschlossen hat sowie der Eigentuemer von Wohnraum. Das gilt auch dann, wenn diese Person wegen Bezug einer Transferleistung selbst von Wohngeld ausgeschlossen ist, aber den Antrag fuer nicht vom Wohngeld ausgeschlossene Haushaltsmitglieder stellt. Haben mehrere Haushaltsmitglieder den Mietvertrag unterschrieben oder sind mehrere Haushaltmitglieder Eigentuemer, ist der Antragsberechtige von allen Haushaltsmitgliedern zu bestimmen" Unquote. From my bad German and Google Translate It says "As a rule the person who has concluded the user aggreement is entitled to Wohngeld. Because I have zero knowledege of German contracts, especially when a Guarantor is involved, my question is thus - Does ONLY my details appear on the user agreement or does it include BOTH mine and the Guarantor's details? If it is both, then it would seem that I have a problem! Any help or advice would be highy appreciated.  
  6. How to set up a savings account for Kaution

    You know what? @PandaMunich is just amazing with her responses , great people do exist like my mum said to me and my brother .
  7. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Thank you so very much for your detailed reply @PandaMunich. You have done so much for me. I am truly grateful for your help and advice. Your replies and help means so much to me and I presume to all the other Toytowners also. Have a wonderful day.
  8. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Hi @PandaMunich it's me again! So after reading the links have I got this right, even these links show parents as guarantor for their child? -  My guarantor guarantees my monthly payments to the housing Genossenschaft only, ... but the Wohngeld and Grunsicherung im Alter are benefits paid by the State or government and these benefits get paid by the said governmental departments. I presume I am  entitled to these 2 benefits being a German citizen? The reason I'm asking is that my guarantor is a fantastic guy whon is prepared to help me get long term accommodation and I don't want the Dresden officials approaching him and demanding money from him when I apply for Wohngeld etc. I would be very embarrassed if this was to happen. Just to recap, I'm in receipt of UK state pension of 700 euros and have about 50k in savings. I'd appreciate your comments.
  9. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Once again you are my 'Good News Guru' @PandaMunich ! My guarantor is a real good bloke and the last thing I want to happen is for him to get into any trouble legally because of me.
  10. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Thanks very much @PandaMunich.for your reply and link.... so does this mean if I go sign the lease with my Guarantor also signing and claim Wohngeld or Grundsicherung in the future it won't be refused on the grounds that I have a guarantor? In other words can they can't say to me " No you cant get Wohngeld because your Guarantor can pay the rent then" Sorry for sounding so dumb but I never ever thought I'd find myself in this type of situation.
  11. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Good morning folks, a question - I am about to sign a lease on a small flat, but because my State Pension is not great, this is being done with the help of a guarantor. Would I be able to claim Wohngeld or Grundsicherung im Alter further down the road even though Ive signed the lease and somebody else has signed as my guarantor? Any genuine responses would be highly appreciated.
  12. What are you listening to right now?
  13. Ask my Landlord to change temporary tenancy agreement

    Well what can I say, you've been super helpful once again, put my mind at ease @PandaMunich. I will talk to him about this asap.
  14. Ask my Landlord to change temporary tenancy agreement

    Aah @PandaMunich, you have been so very helpful over the past few S1 NHS form, car insurance query and now this. Toytowners should feel blessed with you around, I sure am! Here you have answered my query, thanks for this. So are you saying that he could draw up a Mietvertrag for say 300 euros pm and prepayment of say 200 pm to cover gas, elec, water, internet etc to total 500 pm and any utility usage above this 200 euros per month I would in? With this type of Vertrag would I then be entitled to Wohngeld in the future? He is a good bloke and I'm sure that he'd do this for me...nice area of Dresden, decent people, nice neighbours.
  15. Ask my Landlord to change temporary tenancy agreement

    Thanks for your response @PandaMunich. You are always so helpful.The apartment was originally rented out via Wunderflats and part of the agreement was that I could use this address for my Anmeldung, which was done with no problem. I got a legal Mietvertrag and the 620 euros was taken from my bank account and he gave me a monthly receipt. The 'temporary accommodation' contract then ended in Dec 2021. I then approached him and said to him that I don't want top leave the place as it is comfy, fully furnished, internet, full kitchen, water, gas, electricity all inluded. He said that would be fine, he will lower the rent for me to euros 500 pm in cash but won't give me a receipt as it will cause tax problems with authorities. This tiny apartment is in an apartment block owned by him. All the other tenants are 'permanent'. My apartment was advertised as 'temporary accommodation'. He is a great guy and I'd like to ask him if he would give me a contract so I could be here as a permanent tenant. The other tenants in this block said to me that him and his wife like me as a person. The landlord and his wife have also said to me that they would like me to stay here forever! Would it be difficult for him to to give me a permanent contract with gas, elec, water, etc etc totalling 500 euros per month? Does he have to get special approval from the authoriies to do this? I don't want to cause any complications for the 2 of them. Yes thanks for those links, funny thing is I read about WBS last night.