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  1. Taxes on capital gains from stocks

    Hello all, we are considering to return back to US, with my family in the first semester of 2022...   I would appreciate an advice, if somebody has experience with the following questions.   A little background beforehand: I will keep working in Germany until Mar 2022 and after that we are going back. In this case, I would change my Wohnsitz from Germany to US, as I expect to start a new position there.  In this case I guess I would be considered beschränkt steuerpflichtig, as I am going to be under 183 days in Germany.   So here the questions:   1. Is there any mimimum income under which I do not have to file German taxes? (Again Wohnsitz in the USA). 2. I have a depot here with stocks and ETFs, I am thinking to maintain this here. What is the tax that I have to pay in this case from profit and dividends? Is it still the 25% or does it change? I assume the freibetrag of 801 EUR does not apply anymore in this case, correct?   Any input appreciated! Thanks!