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  1. Baby Massage

    This is for parents living in East of Munich or surrounding areas! I am finalizing my certification for Die IAIM-Babymassage-KursleiterInnen-Ausbildung in Munich. As part of my praktikum I am looking for 5 parents/ with babies under one year of age. I am an early years consultant and specialist in bilingual education, Montessori and Emmi Pikler pedagogies. I am very passionate about sensory learning in infants so training as a baby massage instructor goes hand in hand with Montessori and Emmi Pikler pedagogies. I am organising 5 sessions (free of charge). These sessions are in English. Baby Massage Sessions:  5 times starting in February & March 2023. I have arranged an online open evening on the 19.1.2023 at 20:00, details will be forwarded once you register for the course. For further information contact: Kay Pandit, email: