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  1. Car vandalism -> explored some options but no success?

    hi  thanks for your comment. For starters, i would go there and not drag everyone out but just ask the resident of that specific apartment of that building and atleast even try to get his statement. Whether he confesses or not, thats another story.  So in general from your suggestion since there are no witnesses, i should just suck it up and move on. maybe thats what happens in the states or here but fortunately not where i come from.  Additionally it was not a quiet neighborhood and i was in the car hardly for 2 minutes. And it was a public parking space. Anyways thanks for your valuable comment. "you are not a criminal until you get caught". BR    
  2. hi Around 2 weeks ago, i had an incident with my car. I went to my friends place and parked the car infront of an apartment building in a public parking space. I was still in the car while listening to a call after parking. Some guy from the apartment building started flashing a light to me. I couldnt see his face and ignored him but he kept flashing for few minutes. After some time the flashing stopped and suddenly something hit my car like a stone or something. I got out of the car and saw him but he immediately hid behind the winow. The light was already off and it was dark around 10:30pm. I asked him whats the problem and stayed there for 10 minutes but he didnt reveal himself again. It was dark so i couldnt see anything on the car and my phone was almost drained of the charge aswell. So i left and when i came back at around 3am, i put a flash light on my car and there i saw a dent and scratches on it. At that time it was already too late so i left the place and during the day i went to the police station, described everything to them. Gave them the address and possible physical appearance of the guy. And today i received a call from the police station asking me if i saw the face of the guy and i told him that no i didnt since it was dark and flashing light on me so i couldnt see his exact face but i saw him in the window, i described his height and body type and hairs but no face and the police guy said that if i cannot recognize the face then they cant do anything. I asked why not? and the ans is they dont want to bother someone's privacy and maybe someone is visiting there. etc . So my question is what are my options now? yes i know i should have called the police the moment this all happened but now its done. What legally i can do further? is it a normal practice here not to investigate such cases if you havent seen the face of agressor. BR  
  3. hi  Sorry to hijack your post but i tried to make my separate one but i never got any response. maybe for some reason it hasnt successfully posted to the public.  Nevertheless here i am writing again.  Last friday night, i had an incident with my car. i went to my friends place and parked the car in a street parking. and while i was still in the car(on a call), a guy from the window of an apartment building started flashing a light at me. I ignored him since i was on a call but then after some minutes flashing stopped and suddenly i heard a noise that something hit my car. I went out of the car and guy hid behind the window and switched off the lights of his room. I asked him whats the problem but he didnt reveal himself anymore. I stayed there for like 10 minutes. too dark to see something on the car. but then i left and then in the morning while i was about to drive home at 3am, i flashed the light on my car and there was a dent on the car with scratches. It was late and i drove home, woke up and reported this to the police. The police told me that it will take 6 months to get any ans. I talked to my insurance and they told me that they will fix the car but my insurance premium will go up next year. So i am writing here to know if i have any more options other then waiting for the response from police and insurance stuff. what else should i do. Thanks