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  1. Update: The DRB replied to me relatively quickly, a few days. They stated that I was missing some documents, and that they would send them to me to fill them out. I was fine with this - but found it a bit strange since the documents claimed missing were in fact originally sent to them. We sorted this out via e-mail and am now good to go. E-mailing them was very helpful! and FYI it was the Hamburg office that handled my paperwork after all. The "Dezernat Rente International" to be exact. Best of luck to everyone else doing this. Its not hard at all, can't believe how much some of these 3rd parties are charging...
  2. I'll join this discussion just to add another timeline for reference. I sent out all my documents from the US to the DRB's Berlin address. I went to a german consulate, just to have them review my paperwork. A few strange things happened there - they signed/notarized some documents, refused to notarize others. The ones they refused to notarize (saying it was not necessary), i had it done anyway at a UPS store. Better safe than sorry.    They also told me to NOT use the hamburg address, but to use the Berlin address as "they are more competent" in Berlin. I found this pretty funny. The tribalism is real in the German consulates.    Anyways, documents were delivered to them Oct 20th. Nothing so far, I just sent out my first e-mail query for a general status update.