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  1. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    Nah. only cash and they mark in their book if I have paid. 
  2. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    I am damn sure 'Winter Danny' is not his name.  I have seen his ID with the name as well. 
  3. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    I will ask them for sure. They might update the sheet. But I am definitely sure that they have done this for all the students. I know I cant prove that. And also, I asked about the instructor name. They said its correct. Consider the instructor name is 'Alex' and on the sheet its 'Winter Danny'.
  4. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    Thank you for the reply. I will check that. Just that my German language proficiency is not great, will have difficulties in understanding what to complain   Also, does anyone know if the driving school submits the number of driving classes taken by a student to TüV or Dekra?
  5. Hi all,  I need a suggestion on where I can complain. Situation: When I went to get Ausbildungsnachweis from my old driving school, I was shocked. They have added only few classes(5) where I have taken 15 practical driving classes. And driving instructor name is something else. Also, duration of class is 60 minutes instead of 80 minutes which I paid for. It all looks like a fraud to me to avoid taxes.  So my question is where and how can I report this?