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  1. There are two types of jobs that a student can do in German: Working student and Internship. I have already finished all the credits for graduation, which do you think is suitable for me? I have an internship offer, but I am thinking if I should still look for other opportunity.    The advantage of working student is that its salary per hour is higher, the period is longer and thus I can pay for the rent for longer, and maybe I can try to find other stuffs to do when I am not working e.g. learning German. The disadvantage for working student is that it sounds not so professional for some HR (?)   The advantage of internship is that it's full time job for 6months, which may be considered a practical experience for HR in future(?). The disadvantage is that its hourly pay is much lower than working student. The total salary should be identical, but internship requires full time working.    Besides, if I take the full-time 6-month internship next year, I cannot find another internship/ working student for the remaining time because I already meet the limit for working day (120/240).    What do you think? Do you think the value of internship really outweighs working student? Or they are similar, and since working student can have more pay for longer period, I should still look for opportunity of working student?  
  2. internship

    Hi, I am now deciding whether to take the offer as a intern of a bank's mid-office in Munich.  I am student studying in Finance in Uni Mannheim, and looking for internship for next semester. I got the offer that starting from next April to the end of September in Munich, so the internship will span over two semester. This is troublesome for me since it's hard to find another internship after it considering that I need to spear one semester for graduation thesis, which only starts in the beginning of February and September. Besides, my dorm contract is until the end of next August, and I need to find an accommodation in Munich as well.    All being said, I am choosing weather I should take the offer or I should keep on seeking for finance internship in Frankfurt, which is closer to Mannheim and I can commute every day. What do you think? Should I seize the chance since the opportunity is scarce? Or I should keep on seeking another internship in Frankfurt since it's the capital of finance in Germany, and I should start my career in Frankfurt instead?      
  3. Hi,  I recently bought my Bahncard for a year. But I found that in my DB app, the effective period of my Bahncard is only around 1 month. I have my screen shot in the attachment. Is there any problem with this period, or it's fine? Or should I still do something to fix it? If you know anything related to this situation and tell me, I will be grateful!!   Best regards,