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  1. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Hello All,   Just to update you all, this has been resolved. After endless call to the bank and court, it was identified the Deutsche Bank made a mistake and blocked my account just because my name matched with the other person.   They later validated that the DOB did not match and hence they unlocked my account. They did not even apologize but just informed me it was a mistake from their end. Anyways thank you all for your help. Cheers !
  2. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Nope, I moved to Germany on Nov 2019, and since then I have not changed my flat.
  3. Pfändung notice from Bank

    I did not receive any letter from the court. I reside at Cologne, hence my colleague recommended to contact the local court for Cologne. I shall contact the bank and ask them to provide all paperwork from the court. Thank you.
  4. Pfändung notice from Bank

    My apologies, thank you for the correction on the "Deutsch", I shall remember the difference going forward. I'll upload the letter after blacking out the personal info. Thank you once again.
  5. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Thank you Snowingagain for your response. I do not speak Deutsche, hence my colleague contacted the court at Cologne on my behalf yesterday, however the court could not find any cases with my name on their database. I'm kind of lost what to do next.
  6. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Hello All,   I'm an Expat here at Cologne and I'm working here for almost 2 years. A few days back I got a letter from the bank and it states it is a Pfändung and I owe some couple (Bonn) almost about 3000 euros, and if in case I fail to pay them, my bank account would be frozen.   I'm really surprised by this letter as I do not even know these couple and I have never been to Bonn. I called the Bank and they said they can't help me as the order is from the court. I also did not receive any bills or any mail regarding this matter and the bank said there are no details on why I owe those couple that sum of money.   This is causing me stress and mental harassment. I cannot focus on my work. Kindly let me know what options do I have here and the way forward.   Regards, Lorong