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  1. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      i know a German who was born in Baden Württemberg and grew up there but was sent to live with his aunt in Saxony as a teenager when his mother fell ill. just as he was there, the Berlin wall went up and he found himself unable to go home. I think the matter was complicated by his mother's illness and nobody else being able or willing to take care of him. He considered himself a West German prisoner of the East Germans and later, as an adult, made two attempts to  get into the West, but was caught on both attempts. This resulted in time in prison plus a lot of harassment by the Stasi. Seeing they were harassing him anyway he turned into a bit of a lose cannon and said exactly what he thought at every opportunity, which meant more time in prison.   Seeing speaking his mind had become a bit of a thing with him, he continued to do so after the wall fell and became a bit of a free speech hero and so continued to be harrassed. A fascinating character. I'm trying to encourage him to write his memoirs. 
  2. What's the issue with dual nationality?

      my wife's sister is in this situation. she applied for uk cizizenship aeons ago, but apparently never informed the german authorities of her new citizenship. For about 30 years it didn't matter, but now with Brexit she has remembered her German citizenship and is unsure whether she is still actually a German citizen. She hasn't renewed her ID or passport in all those years and she says this probably means her citizenship has expired. But surely it could be that she just never travelled and thus didn't need these documents?
  3. Aschaffenburg 1945

    i don't think German museums in general, or teaching of history in schools, has much military focus. Museums that cover the WW2 period typically focus most strongly on the injustice aspects and the victims. Ditto with TV documentaries and books. You have to go into the super specialized corners to find discussions pertaining to military regiments and such, whether they be German or Allied.    In my experience, most Germans, outside of maybe the freakish corner, don't know much about the military aspects of WW2 and would struggle to name any significant regiments or generals of either side. And people who show too much interest are looked on with suspicion.