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  1. Hi     I was in a Bahnhof,  late evening. I was making video in my mobile around the train station place.  I happened to see a bunch (around 10) of teens /small boys physically attacking two other young boys. I was just continue filming the public place also capturing this physical fights. After some minutes, the boy who was physically attacking the others 2 boys, came to me Shouting "give me your mobile or I am calling police now" and  the other small boys from the gang gave me alot of verbal threats ,as i was waiting  for my train.      All I said to them was, if they have a problem with me, they are free to call Police. All they could do was , verbal threats to me one by one .    My question :   1) Is it illegal to film in a public place in Germany ?    2) what could have been done (by a typical native german ) to handle this situation more appropriately, assuming He/She already filmed such incident in their mobile ?    3) what does legal system in germany say about such situation ?