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  1. Hi all,   I wanted to ask a question directly related to what type of stocks we are allowed to hold while living in Germany.   I was told after 6 months of living here, which is now 8, that we are "German residents", which means that you are supposed to tell your bank/brokerage that you are living abroad which may or may not limit the type of Stocks, rather ETFS (SP500 for example), that we are able to buy. Not sure how accurate this information is so if someone could shed some light that would be appreciated.   I am new to Germany and was attempting to search through the forums for more information as well as online but came to a loss and couldn't find anything. I spoke to a tax consultant here in Germany who did not know, as well as someone from Charles Schwab who did not know exactly what to say. What I did find out from Charles Schwab, which may or may not be true, is that if we already have ETFS then we can keep them, but we are not allowed to by new ones due to an American law. Apparently we can keep Charles Schwab as a Brokerage if we let them know where we live.   My questions are:   1. Does anyone have experience with moving to Germany from the USA while holding a considerate amount of money in American stocks, as well as what did you have to do with your ETFS and what are the laws for what we are allowed to hold while living in Germany, do we need to report a new address in Germany? or are we allowed to keep the American address. Are there penalties for not reporting German address.    2. I read that the tax rate is a straight 25% here in Germany for all stocks. I found out from someone that we would pay the capital gain fees in the states (15%) and then pay the 10% difference here in Germany. Is this true and how do we pay this exactly?   3. The tax consultant (Steurberater) told me that inheritance is only charged when it is >400,000 euro from a parent and >200,000 form a grandparent, I believe this to be true but did not find any information on this.    4. Are we allowed to keep our American Banks open?   Any info is greatly appreciated as this is not easy to find and is very new to me, although I have searched for hours on end and spoken to many people.    Thanks!    Frank