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  1. On 05/03/2021, 07:59:10, Straightpoop said:


    Nope.  Schwab (and now almost all US retail brokers of my acquaintance) will no longer allow non-residents - US citizens or otherwise - to purchase US ETFs (and some, e.g. E*trade) won't even allow you to buy REITs due to lack of a KIID (Key Investor Information Document) for most US-based ETFs.


    Maybe a blessing in disguise considering the admin effort required to accurately report German tax income from these investments.

    Contacted them about to weeks ago to open an account, and was told the same thing.


  2. On 24/03/2020, 11:11:52, Starshollow said:

    I am checking with our mortgage expert (who is currently in lockdown in Spain... ) but I have not heard anything. But as was said above, it is definitely not the German government doing anything here on the law-side of things but rather the SEC or  IRS in the US coming up with some new regulation that makes it for German banks simply too complicated or risky financially to lend out to US-nationals. If that is the case at all... will know more soon, but will take some time.




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    Hey Starshollow,

    were you able to get an answer from your mortgage expert?
    I asked someone from Hypofriend, but the answer they gave me wasn't really vague.