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  1. So I am really mad, and I want to call the press about it. This thread is about the dismal situation regarding kindergarten places in Bavaria.    I am a single parent. I moved in March to a village very close to the previous one where I had resided, about 60 km north of Munich. Before I moved I registered my son to the new kindergarten in the new place, and by summer received a letter from the new kindergarten stating that as of September I will receive a place from 7:00 to about 16:00, every day. So far so good. In the old kindergarten my son attended the same hours, and as of September he would be a preschool child.    As a result of me bing told that I would have a kindergarten place, I started a Weiterbildung in homepoffice that was in full time. That is, even if I was home, I needed to be in front of my computer until 16:00 and thus, I needed my son to be looked after until the afternoon. My weiterbildung was due to end by October and then I would start to look for work with my new acquired skills.    At the beginning of September during Eingewöhnung, the principal of the kindergarten informs me that upps, sorry, we don't have staff, and that my child cannot attend longer than 12:00 every day until February. From february onwards they plan to get an additional staff member, and perhaps then they can offer my child a full time place, but until then that's the way it is. I assume that they made that decision based on the fact that they knew that my weiterbildung would be from home and they figured that I could have my child at home with me.    Yet this is not the case. A weiterbildung in home offie is just as demanding and required my full attention. I simply cannot look after my child, for 4 hours per day.    My next issue is that I was not informed in summer about this. Should I had been informed, I would have tried to look for alternatives, like a Tagesmuttter. Now all Tagesmutter are booked out.    And lastly, if this is not bad enough, in the old village where I used to live, a new kindergarten opened and THEY STILL HAVE FREE PLACES. Yet they won't take my kid because he would be a Gastkind and they await Ukranian refugees.    I spoke with the mayor from this village and from the other. Nobody cares. Sorry, they say, that's the way it is, you should be happy that you even have a place.    I want to go to the press about this. I am a single parent who was promised something else. I cannot work with 4 hours of kindergarten per day. I would need to apply for Hartz IV, which I don;t want to. I can;t apply for citizenship if I get this financial support.    How do I go abotu contacting the press? Which press should I contact?   Thank you
  2. Dear all, Some of you know my previous custody battle, where my ex intended to take away my son from Germany and bring him to his home country, namely Hungary.  Long story short, I have been awarded Aufenthaltbestimmungsrecht for my son, as my  ex (still my husband) decided to return to Hungary. However, the problem that I have right now is that I need my ex's signature on all of the documents for my son. And this includes a new kindergarten contract. My son will start a new kindergarten from September due to the fact that we moved in March. My ex already informed me that he will NOT sign the new contract. In fact, he will not sign anything that has to do with my son, including a travel Vollmacht when I will want to travel with him. He told me we are not enemies. I called the Jugendamt and my contact there told me I have to do an Antrag and submit it to the court. The court will give me the power to sign this kindergarden contact alone even if my ex also has custody rights to our son. It is very important that I get this, as my son will be in his last year of hundergarten, and there is no way that he can stay home.  I am writing to all of you good people to ask about this Antrag that I have to submit to the court. I have no idea about how I need to go about doing it. Is there any Munster that I can use? I basically have to inform the court that I have a new kindergarden from Spetember for my son, and that my ex refuses to sign it, so I need to be given the permission to sign it alone.  Can anyone help me with this? I don;t want to hire a lawyer for this.  Thank you Proton Mom