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  1. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    They just got a letter that informs him that he can no longer drive until he finishes this Aufbauseminar. This is due to the fact that he had that accident 2 months ago, and it was his fault, and it occured a few months after he had received his driving license. So he was still on probation with his driving license,  This seminar takes time, and money. Without a car he cannot go to work. So he will either have to write himself sick (new job), which will cause him to lose his job after he goes back to work. How can one find an apartment while being written as sick?  They have three perfect kids. They are poor. They fled Syria. They really tried here, they learned the language, she did a Weiterbildung in accounting . It is so hard though, different culture, everything works so differently from where they came from. It is hard for me as an English speaker from the West. For them it is at times impossible.  I don't know what else to do for them. I offered them to move in with me. I asked my landlord, he said okay. For a few weeks, with no Anmeldung. I have a 3 room apartment. I am with my young son and my disabled partner stays over on the weekend. They are 5 people. So you can imagine the zoo that would ensue. Regardless, they could save up a bit for that darn Kaution.  It is really tough. 
  2. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    Thank you so much! This really helps
  3. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    Ok, but what about if the owners want to kick out this family (which may be the case, as the lady owner - only one- hates this family). So she moves in for a few months, and then she says she bought another apartment, and then the rerents it again. Isn't that possible?
  4. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    Sorry... I don't understand your reply. This is a family that has lived in this house for longer than 1 year. They were given notice that they have to move out, as the owner of the house wants to move in herself. They were given 3 months. Which is very difficult, as they need to come up with new Kaution for a new apartment, and in Munich it is darn harn hard to find something else, not to mention save 4000 for a kaution (they are 5 people, so they need a large apartment).
  5. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    This is what they want. Right now they rely on a car. Which is expensive, and with their recent car accident, they needed to get a new car. However, finding an apartment in Munich is a bitch. Especially for a family that does not earn so much. 
  6. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    Thank you
  7. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    They are members of a mietverein. But so far it hasn't helped them too much.  The owner of the apartment wants to move in the house, so based on this reason (from what I understand) she can kick them out. She has given them 3 months to move out. If they don't they need to pay Entschädigungskosten? (or somethhing that sounds like it) aside from the Miete.  Than you for all the suggestions. 
  8. Dear all,  this thread involves 2 issues, so perhaps I will make another thread instead of putting it all in one. However, for the sake of clarify, I want to explain it all in one post.  So first issue: Young Syrian family with three kids. They both work, but both are in Probezeit (have been living in Germany for the last 5 years). She does accounting in Freising and he works in a hotel during the night as night audit. They are getting kicked out of their house because the owner of the house wants to move in. She hired a lawyer and informed them via a letter that they have until September 1 to move out, or else they must pay extra. Not sure how this "extra" is called, but it would be the rent plus some penalty fees. They are struggling to find an apartment until then and move out, but it is not that easy around Munich. My question is the following: how binding is this order to evacuate their home? If they cannot find a suitable place by September 1, what will happen? They cannot pay the extra fees. Can they get kicked out with three kids? Second question: This family is struggling financially. They recently had a car accident, during which time they both got pretty hurt. He needed a shoulder reconstruction, and she suffered a broken arm and now ahs back pain. Both are in their early 30s. He needed to stop working and got krankengeld, which was even less than the eager salary he was getting from his lager job. Their car was totally destroyed, yet the accident was partly his fault, so insurance won't pay anything. They barely scrambled to buy another used car, which they need as they live far from public transportation. So back to the second question: as there is no way they can afford a kaution of three months in advance, is there a way that they can receive financial support for this? I heard of something called Miete Ohne Kaution, but I am not sure what that is. Is there any other tips that any of you can give me for them to better organize this move and especially the new kaution (they will get the old Kaution only 3 months after moving out)? Thank you, ProtonMom
  9. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    But using this logic every action is selfish. Me having a kid is selfish because I am also thinking about interests. So then which action is not selfish?
  10. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    Nah... I had my faults too. I went too far when it was clear the relationship was not working. Then we had a kid, thinking it would make it better. It made it worse. Then I waited some more. I should have gotten out. Was so scared.  I don't think divorce is a selfish act. It is what it is. Depends on so many factors. 
  11. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    Update: I did not get alleine Sorgerecht. The judge told me I have to do a new Antrag, that I probablky need a lawyer, and that for such a Verfahren, she will order a Gutachter. I only got the Kindergarten contract signed. Not from my ex, who exploded, but the judge authorized me to enroll my child in kindergarten without the father's signature.  The judge advised me to get this done asap. So I have to go through this all over again. 
  12. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    For him, signing something for me means having to bow to the unfairness and injustice that he "lost" him son. And this is something he would never accept. On the contrary, as I am the main culprit responsible for this crime, he intends to make my life as difficult as possible by never cooperating. He told me so. The fact that he "lost" his child (lost Aufenthaltsbestimmungrecht) because he decided to leave the country despite our initial agreement that we split custody in half if he would have stayed around would entail him actually taking responsibility for his actions, and that, God forbid, can never see the light of day.  In the meanwhile I have another contract I need signed. I don't have Kindergarten in August, so I want to enroll my son to a Tagesmutter. I need his signature for that too.  Tomorrow's the big day. 
  13. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    I asked Jugendamt and they told me to do another Antrag to have the contract signed. Yes, one does not need to have sole custody to ahve the contract signed, but my argument is the following: do I need to do an Antrag every time I need a darn signature? Because if he doesn't want to sign something so banal as a Kindergarten contract, he will not sign anything in the future as well. He even told me so that he will not cooperate to make my life as difficult as possible.  I guess we will wait and see what will happen on Wednesday. I will do another post entry to let you all know. 
  14. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    When I got the Aufenthaltbestimmungrecht, I agreed or I told the court I am willing to let the father have access to his child on a regular basis, whether that was in Germany or abroad. In return, the father was required to give me back the passport. For a while, both the father and I managed to get along, and I hoped I would get the passport pretty soon. What did happn instead was that i found this recording where he said really nasty things about it. I confronted him about it and he got really nasty, saying it wasn;t my business what he told his kid.  Now at this point, I do fear that the father will not return the child. From what I did understand, because the court ruled that the child can stay with me, if he will not be returned, the police will interneve and return him to me. It is not so hard to trace my ex, as he has a registered address in a specific town (I don't know the address, but I know the town).  I can apply for a new passport. I do need his signature though. The father's.  My question was whether I have a chance to gain sole custody. I have three things in my hand: no passport (despite the request that i get it), the recording (very nasty) and the fact that the father refused to sign the kidergarten contract, which is a really important thing for my child. I can also argue that I have been flexible andaccomodating enough, having sent my child regularly to see his father (which is true).