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  1. Hello everyone, I work in the Pflege industry, I work as Pflegehelfehelferin in an Altenheim. Due to personal and medical reasons, I can no longer do this job. However, the best thing would be for me to quit on medical reasons or get fired. My plan is to do an Ausbilding sponsored by the Arbeitsamt. I want to become an accounting clerk.  However, if I quit there is a sperrzeit of 3 Months. Thus, I am hoping to avoid this.  I have had back pain for a while now, and have been written sick a few times in the past. My question is whether I can ask my family doctor to write me a letter that states that I can quit my job because of my back pain, or do I need to see a specialist for this? Thank you, Proton Anna
  2. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    He is too small to wear watches for long periods of time. He usually takes them off. I will stop working and be home, so always watch him. My job will suffer, my finances as well. But I have no other option at this moment
  3. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    I have all the posts. I actually have links to the posts. The woman who contacted me with the posts and links has spoken with me on the phone, and she lives in Germany and is willing to speak with jugendamt too, if needed. I have more proof than I need.  I just can't believe this whole thing. This is the man I married, the father of my child. Until 2 months ago I was willing to do split custody, 50/50. We had no issues whatsoever, until he decided to move to Hungary and wanted the child. Despite the arrogance and stupidity, I know deep down he is a good person, and is certainly a great father. He had a minor stroke a few weeks ago. He loves his child, his child loves him. It just makes me so sad that he is so arrogant, so selfish. It really didn't have to be like this.
  4. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    Thank you The Hungarian grandmother, my ex's mother, is a psychopath who does not care about anyone but herself. She has such a bad relationship with her only son, my ex, that he refuses to move near her. So I cannot count on her at all.  He posted on a prublic facebook forum about this, saying he is thinking about taking the child and leaving, and 99% of the people there advised him against it, saying it is kdinapping. Yet I read his reply where he said he does not believe it would be kidnapping, and that he has the right to do it. So clearly he only hears what he wants. This was always the case.  I already spoke with Tusch. I was only born in Romania, lived in Canada my whole life, so I don't have many roots there. However, there is plenty of help here in Germany.  Yes, I will call a few lawyers asap on Monday. I will also stop working, write myself sick, until I get full custody of my son, even temporary, because I can't leave him with his father for longer p[eriods of time. I am very curious how Jugendamt will react on Monday. If worse comes to worse, I will move to a Frauenhaus. I just need the confirmaition that I can leave with my son. And I assume this is something that needs to be approved my judge, lawyer or Jugendamt. 
  5. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    Right. This is what I will do on Monday. 
  6. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    I haven't started the process of obtaining citizenship just yet. I will have 8 years of living in Germany only as of June, so with everything going on at the moment, it was the last thing on my mind.  I am thinking about asking for full custody from Jungendamt. I have screen shots of my ex discussing leaving with the kid, plus he took the kid's passport. 
  7. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

     In the article from leon's link, there were three cases: 2 of them involved a Hungarian mother taking the kids to Hungary on holiday with the permission of the father and them not returning them, and the third it involved a mother who kidnapped the kids and went with them to Hungary, yet the Hungarian court ruled that they were too young to live without the mother. In my case my ex would have to kidnap the child from Germany without the mother's permission, and it would be the mother that the child would lose. Nevertheless, if it would to happen to me that my ex would take my kid, I would imagine it would take months until I would get my kid back. My child is 5 years old. I can't imagine something like this.  I am going to contact Jungendamt. I might have to write myself sick and not work anymore for fear that my ex takes away my kid. I can't believe I am living through this.   
  8. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    I read Leon's link. In my case, I am the mother and my ex would abduct the child from Germany.  I don't even know where to start about this. He could take the kid to Hunagry when I am at work, does that mean that I have to quit my work and stay home with my kid all the time? I will call Jungendamt on Monday and a lawyer, but if I am in such a big danger of losing my kid, my ex could kidnap the kid anytime in the future as well, as he knows where we will live. Or does it mean I need to leave with the child to some Frauenheim until my ex leaves? WFT! I also know where he will move in Hungary. 
  9. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

    Thank you for the replies. I need to work, so I am not sure I can be here all the time guarding my son from the father. We still share an apartment together. Even if he does take the kid, I would assume that the police there can apprehend him, as this is the EU, no?  Or should I just move out of here until he leaves? Where would I go?  I got the messages he send on this facebook forum, and he did discuss taking the child and just leaving. 
  10. Father thinks he can take child with him in custody battle

     I actually have screen shots and translations of what he said on these forums.    Thank you for the replies. 
  11. Dear all, I am turning to you for help and advice regarding a custody battle for my 5 year old child. I, Canadian Romanian, am splitting from the father, who is Hungarian. We have been living in Germany for the last almost 8 years, I am going to apply for German citizenship soon. Our child, who is 5, only has Hungarian citizenship, as I did not apply for any other citizenships (he could get both Romanian and Canadian citizenships). He was born in Munich.  We have had a very friendly split until now and agreed to split custody of our son about 50/50. We live in a small town north of Munich, and I agreed to move out and leave the apartment to my ex so it could be less hassle for him. I found am aparftment about 10 km away so our son would not have to change kindergarten. So far so good.  Review: 50/50 custody, friendly split, child Hunagrian, mother Romanian, father Hungarian.    This all changed when the owner of the apartment refused to give my ex a new contract for the apartment, and my ex decided he had enough of Germany (he hates Germany, did not integrate, hardly speaks German), and also decided to move to Hungary. Great, I said, you do that. But he also wants the kid. More specifically, his idea is that I send the child every other month to Hungary for one month. That is, one month in Germany, one month in Hungary. I refused. Yeah, I know. Crazy, you may think.  I made an appointment with the Jungendamt for a consultation about the custody. The woman I spoke with said that if we do not agree with what she will recommend us, we can go to the judge. We probably will, as I know my ex and I know he will probably not agree with anything but his ideas.  However, recently someone contacted me saying that my ex has been asking advice on facebook forums about taking the kid and leaving to Hungary. Aparently he was told (I do not know by whom) that he has the right to take the child, as the child has Hungarian citizenship while I don't (the only reason why my kid does not have Romanian and Canadian is because I still have not applied for them just yet). He was also told that if he child will change residence in the next 6 months (we will move 10 km away soon), he has the right to take the child with him. Is this really true? Can the judge rule in his favour just because we move 10 km away and because my son and I don't share a common citizenship?    My ex has also threatened me that if I don't give in to his demands, social services/Jungendamt might remove the child from both parents and place him with a forster family until the custody battle gets resolved. Really? Can such thing happen? WFT!  I will consult a lawyer, but I need some advice asap.  Thank you. Proton Mom
  12. When is a separation "legal"?

    Legal separation: how does it work         So my hubby and I haven't been a couple for the last years, yet we have lived together, as we have a small child and so far we found it difficult to split the Betreuung. We have a 2 storey apartment, he lived upstairs and I downstairs, sharing only the kitchen.  Now I want to move out and divorce. My question is regardign the separation. Is there any way that I can make our separation "legal"? Thank you, Proton Mom
  13. Attest vs Hausrecht

    I can;t believe some of the replies here. Are people that brainwashed? The guy has an issue with wearing a mask. This does NOT mean that he will infect anyone with covid or other shit like that. It just means that he would get sick from wearing a mask. In this case, why should he be discriminated against? If he is such a danger to society (my goodness, he does not wear a mask so run away from him!), then ask him to get tested more often.  If masks would be so effective, we wouldn't have twice the number of infected that we have had last year, and that with a vaccine! They clearly don't work. I like how we are supposed to wear masks in parking spaces outside, but the smokers, who are the sickest and have the most germs due to the fact that they smoke, they can take out their masks just fine. Sorry... i forgot, this is an intelligent virus, it does not affect people when they smoke.  This hysteria has reached such proportions that it is no longer about protecting people. If it would be, this dude would be left alone not wearing a mask, because wearing one would hurt him. It is about dumbing people down. Control, brainwash, stupidity.  If you are that scared of getting covid, then just stay home. Shut yourself in your house forever. Why do you even bother to go out? You could get covid and die. You could get covid from a child not wearing a mask, from touching your money, from a pet which does not wear a mask. And don't believe all that bull about having an immune system that actually needs to be confronted with germs, that is pure nonsense.