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  1. I started my Weiterbildung in April when I was informed I would have a full time place in September. That's the problem. Should I have known...  I guess I should like your reply too, that it is my fault.  I would love to work at the Kita. I need a 5 year Ausbildung for that. Thank you for the constructive reply.
  2. I can;t believe some of the mean replies from this site. How am I self-entitled?    How is okay to find out 2 weeks before my kid is about to start kindergarten that his schedule has been changed? It was actually not even two weeks before, it was on the day eh started with the eingewöhnung. Don;t tell me they didn't know beforehand. They just didn't bother to call me.    And how is this a short staff situation? The kindergarten next door is half empty. And there are Tagesmütter that I could have tried to book should I have known in advance?   What's wrong with you people? Do you make it your life purpose to belittle others? Have you even read my original post?    Say you go to the store, you order an item, you wait for it to be delivered and then, when you already have it, you are told you have to pay double for it. Are you telling me you won;t complain? But hey, according to some of you here, would would be self-entitled to do so. You would have to bow your head down and say oh well, that's just the way it is.    I was born during in a communist country. That's the way it was there too, everyone had to just shut up and shallow whatever shit they were given. Let me tell you how great of a culture that was, and how long it lasted.    If you don't have a constructive reply, don't answer. Find another hobby to release your life frustration.    I get Kindergartens are short staffed. I get that sometimes whole groups gets closed down due to illness. I worked in the medical field where we were so short staffed that by the end of the way we literally fell asleep near our patients trying to finish our work. This is not an example of this. This is an example of arrogance and poor planning. 
  3. Um... my taxes pay for the kindergarten. So telling me a few weeks in advance that I won't have a place is something I should expect from a civilized society, no? It is not the politicians here, it is the kindergarten staff that tallied the places. Don;t tell me they didn;t know in advance that i would not get a place? Please I don't get the comments here. Are we supposed to just bow down to stupidity? Since when it is okay for the system to screw us, but if we want to screw the system, we get nailed right away? Since when we need to acquiesce to such bull?
  4. I expect to be given one of the free places in the Kindergarten in the next village. I expect, if there are indeed no places, not to be notified 2 weeks before but in advance so I can make other arrangements. I expect this to get some publicity so it doesn't ha[[en to other parents. 
  5. They don;t agree. This is why I want the press.
  6. Also, there are free places in a Kita 12 km away. I am willing to drive to and back, and they still wouldn't take my kid. Why not call the press on this? 
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. I contacted Joanniter already. Yes, my child is very energetic and until now was always in the kita and he is the type who cannot stay for many hours locked up with me, especially when it is sunny outside. Your daughter stayed with you from an early age and got used to it, mine didn't. Different kid, different circumstances. Not all kids are the same.  I don;t think that I am making myself clear. I was promised a place. Two weeks ago I was informed that this was not the case. It is very hard for me to find alternatives when kindergarten already started and all Tagesmutter are booked out. If I would be employed, I would have to quit my job.  I want to speak with the press because it is unacceptable that this is happening. I have no other alternatives now. I would have should I have been informed before. 
  8. Nope. All are booked out. If I would have been informed about this before ...
  9.  Did. They can't help.  I want the press. I feel that they don't take me seriously at all
  10. So I am really mad, and I want to call the press about it. This thread is about the dismal situation regarding kindergarten places in Bavaria.    I am a single parent. I moved in March to a village very close to the previous one where I had resided, about 60 km north of Munich. Before I moved I registered my son to the new kindergarten in the new place, and by summer received a letter from the new kindergarten stating that as of September I will receive a place from 7:00 to about 16:00, every day. So far so good. In the old kindergarten my son attended the same hours, and as of September he would be a preschool child.    As a result of me bing told that I would have a kindergarten place, I started a Weiterbildung in homepoffice that was in full time. That is, even if I was home, I needed to be in front of my computer until 16:00 and thus, I needed my son to be looked after until the afternoon. My weiterbildung was due to end by October and then I would start to look for work with my new acquired skills.    At the beginning of September during Eingewöhnung, the principal of the kindergarten informs me that upps, sorry, we don't have staff, and that my child cannot attend longer than 12:00 every day until February. From february onwards they plan to get an additional staff member, and perhaps then they can offer my child a full time place, but until then that's the way it is. I assume that they made that decision based on the fact that they knew that my weiterbildung would be from home and they figured that I could have my child at home with me.    Yet this is not the case. A weiterbildung in home offie is just as demanding and required my full attention. I simply cannot look after my child, for 4 hours per day.    My next issue is that I was not informed in summer about this. Should I had been informed, I would have tried to look for alternatives, like a Tagesmuttter. Now all Tagesmutter are booked out.    And lastly, if this is not bad enough, in the old village where I used to live, a new kindergarten opened and THEY STILL HAVE FREE PLACES. Yet they won't take my kid because he would be a Gastkind and they await Ukranian refugees.    I spoke with the mayor from this village and from the other. Nobody cares. Sorry, they say, that's the way it is, you should be happy that you even have a place.    I want to go to the press about this. I am a single parent who was promised something else. I cannot work with 4 hours of kindergarten per day. I would need to apply for Hartz IV, which I don;t want to. I can;t apply for citizenship if I get this financial support.    How do I go abotu contacting the press? Which press should I contact?   Thank you
  11. Sure. That could be a solution. I would need to be able to support myself with it, and also be able to bring my son to Kindergarten, as he is vorschulekind. And I live in a small village about 60 km north of HB Munich. I guess I could do something part time. 
  12. Yes, I will look into it. The mayor of the town told me to find a job first, and then let's see. Whatever that means. I am working on my application right now. 
  13. Yes. I will start applying for jobs right now. I am aiming for a home office position, But even there one needs Betreuung. I mean, doing 4 hours of work per day every day while my son runs amok outside somewhere is not the best scenario.  Here is the thing with Tagesmutter, First of all, none is available, at least not for the specific times. I would need someone from 12:00 to 16:00. Secondly, a Tagesmutter for the whole day until february, when I will have a full time kiundergarden place, is also not in the best interests of my kiud. Isn't the whole point of Eingewöhnung to get the child to get accustomed to the new institution? I can't bring my child somewhere else until February, only to have him change to kindergarten again.  Babysitters charge 10 euros per hour. 4 hours per day, times 5, that's 200 euros in a week. 
  14. I am a separated mother of a 6 year old child. For those who are not familiar with the saga regarding my personal life and divorce, i will only say that it is crazy and peculiar, yet most of the details are not that relevant here, so i will only mention the important ones. I am separated from my husband, who has left Germany for his native Hungary, and I have Aufenhatsbestimmungrecht for my son. We still have shared custody, I only applied for sole custody recently, but I understand this will take almost one year. My husband at this point is not cooperative anymore and refuses to sign any document pertaining to anything (he even refused to sign the new Kindergarten contract, I needed to sue him for that too).    So I am inquiring about the possibility of applying for a Reiseausweis for my son. He has citizenships. Lots of them. 3 to be more exact, and will be eligible for the German one too. But it is not all that easy. His father, who is a Hungarian citizen, applied and for his Hungarian passport a while back. However, upon our separation, he took the Hungarian passport and will not release give it back. (He is bonkers). As he no longer resides in Germany, these is little I can do in this regard.    I am Canadian Romanian. I have both of these citizenships. However, in order to get a passport from these countries, I need the father's signature. My soon-to-be husband informed me that he will not sign anything anymore. I can go to court against him here in Germany regarding this, and I could get a Vollmacht that his signature would not be required for matters regarding passports, however such a document issued by a German court would only be accepted in Canada, and not Romania. Romania informed me that as this involves a Romanian legal document, i would have to sue my husband in a Romanian court. I left Romania when I was 10!! There is no way I will be able to do that. So no Romanian passport for my son for the time being.    Canada is even worse. I need to apply for Canadian citizenship, which will take more than 2 years, and then passport.    What I am left with is German citizenship. We don't have German citizenship yet, but I can apply for it as of now. However, I have a problem here as well, as I was recently informed that until February my son will only be able to stay in Kindergarten until 12:00 (due to lack of staff). So with a maximum of 4 hours of Kindergarten per day, I doubt I will be able to work, And if I can't work, I will have to apply for Harz IV. So no German citizenship for me anytime soon. So no German passport either.    To make this ridiculous story come to an end, I thought maybe I could apply for a Reiseausweis? This is a special situation, and I could get from the judge a Vollmacht even as his father refuses to sign the form. Would he qualify for this?   Thank you Protonmom  
  15. Just as a final feedback, i did get word from the Rathaus regarding Unterhaltsvorschus and I do qualify for the full 177 euros, despite the child being with my ex on vacation.  Thank you all for the replies.