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  1. German Residence Permit taking too long?

    ok I will do that. My question is more related to how long it takes to get the residence after the application. Does it take long?
  2. German Residence Permit taking too long?

    We need to live in Berlin for the kids to go to their preferred school. I appreciate the suggestion.
  3. Hello, Moving to Berlin this Summer with my family. As I US citizen my plan was to travel without a visa and apply for the residence permit (Blue card) there with the work contract I have. My HR contact is telling me that this is not possible because the application process to get the permit is taking 6 to 8 months because of the war in Ukraine. She suggest to go to the consulate and get a visa there but there are no appointments available.   Would anyone be able to confirm that in fact the process to get the permit will take so long?