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  1. Marriage of Germany blue card holder and non EU student

    Thank you everyone for your time and effort.  Point 3, 4 are very much clear now. Regarding point 1 and 2,  What if I marry in India and come back to Germany in last week of December? Would we be able to register ourselves to bürgeramt before the end of year or does going therecand starting the application will be enough to get the tax class change? Because after reading all comments I see that German officials would want to verify the marriage and it can take long.    My girlfriend doesn't earn more than 500€/month and my salary is somewhere above 5000€/month so I guess tax class 4 will not hurt that much. Am I right? 
  2. Hello,    Me and my girlfriend lives in Saxony Anhalt. I completed my masters and got a job in Berlin but she is still studying. We are getting married in December in India and will return to Germany in last week of December. We had a few questions regarding the whole situation.  1. I want to change my tax class. I heard that first we have to do city registration but in my case we are living together since June. What will happen in this case and what will be the next step?  2. Will I get tax benefits for this year?  3. While coming back to Germany in December, my wife's visa will still be a student visa, can she change the visa status here? What will be the benifits if changing her visa to spouse visa?  4. Is it possible if we marry in Germany this year and then in India after some time?    I'll wait for the your inputs.    Thanks.