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  1. What are you listening to right now?

  2. Landlord died

    Hello,   It's not pleasant to hear your situation. There's no hot water etc. must be terrible.    Sometimes it helps contacting a Mietverein or a lawyer in Mietrecht.    There's a good link to a German Website. When you translate it with Google you will have a pretty accurate translation.     https://www.mietrecht.de/tod-des-vermieters-folgen-fuer-den-mieter/   In short, your contract isn't cancelled after the death of the Landlord. The "Erbe" inheritor will be responsible in the deceased landlord's place. 
  3. It's impressive to hear that your German skills are still strong after being away for 30+ years. Das ist beeindruckend.    Those cities are really nice.    There are furnished Apartments (möblierte Wohnungen) and/or short-term rentals (Wohnen auf Zeit).    ImmobilienScout (real estate site) also has a search function where you can search for Wohnen auf Zeit.    In Germany nowadays it seems to be a challenge almost everywhere to find something.    Being abroad makes it more complicated, as you mention
  4. Hello Jauburn,   Because you're from an English-Speaking country, I would recommend Frankfurt. It's an international city and you can get along with life without German skills at the beginning although my recommendation would be to take the opportunity to learn German.    I don't know what field you're in, but there are plenty of English speaking jobs here.    Best of luck!
  5. One thing is sure, Corona is a complicated virus which can mutate and take different shapes e.g Delta, Mu.    Even if you at one stage got sick with Covid (counted as "genesen") you can still get infected.    What your statistics show, is that there are hotspots in those mentioned countries, one happens to be a highly-vaccinated country if you want to put IT that way.    However, they would have been worse of without a high vaccination rate. The consensus right now is that vaccination can stop you from getting seriously ill by Covid.    I think as adults we should be free to make our own choices. I can't force you to get vaccinated. You can't force me not to get vaccinated.    I believe even highly-vaccinated countries can become hotspots if people stop caring about hygiene rules after getting 1-2 shots. As previously mentioned, we have various mutations and we shouldn't get into a "false" sense of security. This is just my opinion/theory, I'm not in the medical industry though.
  6. This is one side of the story.    We can cherry-pick stories all day long.    See following link:   https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/sweden-to-ban-travel-from-us-5-other-third-countries-from-september-6/   The vast majority of the banned countries aren't record-breakers in giving their people vaccine. Sweden banned following countries as well:   Lebanon, and three Western Balkan countries, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia.   Mr.Bear would you say that Lebanon  is among the most-vaccinated countries?
  7. Regarding Herd immunity:   Let's see what Wikipedia says:   "Herd immunity (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or mass immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that can occur with some diseases when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections"   Let me point out the section "through vaccination". If we would allow the second option that everyone has to get the infection first, we would have more deaths. After all, we should all agree two years into Covid that it's deadlier/more dangerous than other flu types.    When you make some of your comments here, it discourages people to get vaccinated and you knowingly put people at risk. You know it.    To reach herd immunity in a safe way, people have to get vaccinated. You clearly know this.    I am definitely not going to call you names or mock you, but it would help if you tried to see things from both perspectives. What would you say to those nurses that confront Covid every day? That Covid isn't dangerous?
  8. I browsed through this large discussion thread.    I am somehow amazed by the misleading alternatives to cure/prevent Covid.    I am sure that overdosing on Ivermectin or bleach-formulas or colloidal Silver will do more harm than getting a shot.     Those alternative preachers have promised cures against cancer, HIV etc for decades. Now they cash in big time by fooling/misleading people about Covid.    First, Covid allegedly didn't exist. With all the evidence they had to finally agree that 1) Covid exists 2) Covid can be deadly    
  9. Anti-vaccination people

  10. Anti-vaccination people

    I agree with you regarding the needles. The fine needles won't even feel like a pinch. 
  11. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    Sweden has a great team. I think Alexander Isak is a wonderful player. Now at least I can wear a Swedish Jersey with pride 😀
  12. World Cup 2018 goes to Russia

    I am also watching the qualifiers with excitement.    Jag hoppas Sverige vinner. En medalj (brons som i 1994) skulle också sitta fint. Vinst mot Spanien är en bra start.    I hope Sweden will win this time. A medal (Bronze like in 1994) would also be a nice thing. The victory against Spain tonight is a wonderful start. 
  13. Who to vote for, Bundestagswahl 9/26/2021?

    I have seen some of their posters. Is that the Anti-Corona-measures party?    
  14. Who to vote for, Bundestagswahl 9/26/2021?

    There are various options, but the question is: can they deliver?   SPD are promising a Minimum wage of 12€/h. But with the high inflation rate (worsened by Corona) and the increased living costs in Germany, is that enough?   CDU is polling worse than ever, but still popular among businesses. The right-leaning parties incl. FDP won't increase taxes which is a big relief for businesses.    What I haven't seen yet is a poster promising "Bezahlbare Wohnungen". If you for example live in Frankfurt and earn 12€/h, you are still paying more than 50% of your salary in rents.    It's interesting to see how it will all end in this year's election.     
  15. There is also a US Shop in Offenbach. Unicat Candy. It seems there are many options if you live in Frankfurt-Rhein-Main 😀