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  1. Umm I seem to have made an error here. I'm only temporary resident, so my posts were relating to my situation which I now see is different, so sorry about that!   I think you are completely safe PR wise. You can pretty much come and go as you please once you have that. It certainly isn't restricted by 6 months in 12. The 6 months in 12 was quoted with Temporary Residence in mind and is still somewhat unclear to me!  I guess I saw that in the initial question and thought that you were referring to my  situation as that point seems linked only to a temporary residence situation.
  2.   So where do you go online to read the actual laws on this issue in particular? I would like to confirm that what the person at the foreigners office in my town told my GF about 6 months in one year ( Conjecture? ). Have you seen/read anything like this? If so I'd appreciate you helping me in guiding me to where that is thanks.
  3.   So engelchen please enlighten us on exactly what it is .