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  1. Hi All,   Currently I'm living in Frankfurt am Main, fully employed, and would like to apply for Permanent Residence Permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) as soon as possible. I have a Blue Card since 04.2020, so technically the nearest possible date to apply for Permanent Residence Permit is 01.2022, considering that all conditions are satisfied.   I have searched this forum, read a lot, but I still have some questions:   1). Among the conditions, it's Old-Age Privision. Thanks to a post, I can get the Certificate via Online Service (https://www.eservice-drv.de/SelfServiceWeb/) or in-person visit to a local office of Deutsche Rentenversicherung. I gave a try to Online Service, but got confused with options: "Versicherungsverlauf", "Rentenauskunft" and "Renteninformation". The aforementioned post recommends "Versicherungsverlauf", but the Berlin Website suggests "Renten-Information" or "Renten-Auskunft". So, which one is correct then?   2). In the meantime, I just chose the option "Renteninformation", then filled out "Versicherungsnummer" as well as "Vorname", "Familienname", "Geburtsname". They're supposed to send the documents to my address in 7 days. But there was no place on the website to enter my currently registered address. I moved from places to places a few times; everytime I registered my living place with "Bürgeramt" and updated my address in my company system. So I wonder if Deutsche Rentenversicherung knows my address, especially the most current one? Is government's system in Germany linked perfectly and I should not be worried?   3). Is it practical/realistic to apply for Permanent Residence Permit in 01.2022? To me, the most challenging piece of documents is the Old-Age Provision certificate. I'm not sure if right after 12.2021, I can go to Deutsche Rentenversicherung, asking them to provide the ceriticate even up until the last month (12.2021)? Then the next day, I bring all documents to "Ausländerbehörde" and hopefully get granted the Permanent Residence Permit. I have no idea how frequent and update-to-date government agencies and companies are in passing information...   Thank you in advance. Your advice is highly appreciated.