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  1. Hi, I just moved to Munich this past June with my husband. He is born and raised in Munich. I am from Toronto, Canada. We are expecting a new baby in October and it will be our first!    I don’t have any family or friends here in Munich and it’s been a little difficult to adjust because of COVID. Now that everything has calmed down a bit with COVID I was looking to make new friends that are mothers for english speaking play dates with my newborn.   also it would be nice to get some advice from some mothers as this is a completely new journey for me!   any recommendations are welcomed    😊
  2. Hi does this come with the bottom part?
  3. Hello,   so basically my husband is a German national who was living in the UK but due to BREXIT has moved back to Germany in June.   I am a Canadian, and we are expecting a child in October. I have tried to make an application for a residence permit because I have 90days on a visa. Due to corona it has been very hard to get into contact with anyone at the immigration office and get an appointment. I have submitted all documentation for an application online and I have been emailed back from someone at the office asking me for an A1 German certificate. I had explained to her that I was not aware that I needed one because the embassy explained to me that I did not need one and that I should be able to apply for my residence permit in Germany once I arrive.   My question is, has anyone been through this situation before? I am really confused about the certificate, and if it is something I need I am really getting stressed out as I am in a high risk pregnancy and want to avoid all stress. Is there any other way around this? 
  4. Hey Thankyou all for your response. So I do have an update, I basically visited the ABH, and at first was met with a lot of resistance. There was absolutely no available appointments for the A1 certificate in my area until the end of September. I explained, they didn’t seem to care.   Surprisingly when I finally gave up and let them know that this is way too much stress and at this point I’d rather just ask an airline if I’m able to travel back to Canada at 32 weeks because this is really not worth it to me, I was offered a Fiktionsbescheinigung.  
  5. Yes, I am already in Germany. I have arrived in the beginning of July but had to do 14 days of quarantine due to corona. Once my quarantine was complete I registered in Munich and started the application for my residence permit. Yesterday I got a response to my online application talking about an A1 language certificate