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  1. Dog sitter / doggy daycare search

    Apologies for the spam I just found a similar topic in the first pg [blind...]. Moderators, you can delete this easily.
  2. Hi everyone, my company doesn't allow pets in the office, and as we are both working full-time, we need to find a doggy daycare or dogwalker.   I've been searching for this mainly in English in the Ortenau-Kreis area [Offenburg, Kehl and all in between] but haven't found one that really helped out, and I'm not able to look into more local & personal advertorials: to this end, I was wondering what would be the best German search terms for these so I can re-Google or post an advert seeking one.   Also if anyone could guide me towards the "default" behavior and working processes towards this in Germany I'd greatly appreciate it: There are some cultural / regional / legal differences it seems when it comes to this as my friends' experiences in Western US is pretty different than, say, Spain.   Thanks for your help
  3. Hi everyone, I've been in Germany for a handful years as a non-EU national, and as I've been stuck in an English speaking bubble, my German is still not good enough to deal with authorities.   My problem is that I feel more and more the need for a car, now that we've moved a bit more into suburbia. I have a valid foreign license, and from what I understand I'm already past the first 6 months in Germany timeframe where I could have exchanged my old one for a German one.   What to do here in Baden-Wurttemberg? I really don't want to do the who spiel of getting a brand new one, and I'm wondering what I can do to expedite the process. The local authority is no help in person, and what I've been reading online does not cover my specific case - or I couldn't find a good reference for it. Halp