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  1. WOW! This is amazing. Thanks so much for such a thorough response     I'll ask these questions to my tax adviser.    Thanks so much again       
  2. Hi everyone,    Thankyou in advance for any help with my questions -    I'm an Australian living in Germany since Nov, 2021. I've got my residency permit, a Tax number and a Freelancer number. I didn't apply to be a Kleinunternehmer.   Job - I am going to start online counselling for an Australian company seeing Australian clients only via Telehealth.   Payment The client pays the company for the counselling session I conduct the session with the client online. The company pays me after deducting their fee and it is deposited into my Australian bank account.   Invoice - The Australian company sends the client an invoice after the session, however, this amount is different to the amount of money I receive as the company takes a fee.  e.g. If a client pays the company $100 for the session, the generated invoice is for $100 but I actually only receive $90 in my bank account (10% fee). So I assume the invoice isn't technically correct??   Question 1 - Do I need to create a second invoice for the client and invoice them as "providing a service to an individual outside of the EU" (which I believe means I would need to charge them 19% VAT)?   Source -   Question 2 - Should I apply to become a Kleinunternehmer as I will earn less than 22,000 EUR this year?   Sorry if this is confusing.   I have an account with and a Tax Adviser linked to the account but I don't even know what questions I am trying to ask.   Thanks very much in advance