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  1. job offer

    okay, thanks for the answer. I decided to get the first offer and stop looking for a new job. 
  2. job offer

    Yes, I wonder if they can fine me if I sign the contract and quit later. Or how long can they wait for me? I was gonna ask 2-3 weeks to think about it and see what they say... bad or good idea? 
  3. Changing mind about a job before starting

    What happened in your case?
  4. job offer

    Yes, I have received a new contract offer already so if I sign, not sure how hard is to leave and how bad would be my reputation on that.
  5. job offer

    Hi ppl, I am under several process to get a new job and I have one offer in hand. I am in a process with a big company that takes forever to finish the process due to summer vacation etc. Still discussing the last points in the previous process, what would be best to do? Can I ask a time to think about if and how long companies hold an offer? The first company is really interested in my profile. Just trying a chance with this other dream company.  In any case, I want to quit my current job. 
  6. leaving job with holidays

    thanks a lot for the answers! 
  7. leaving job with holidays

      Ok, so I guess in the end it does not matter if both employers have the same amount of holidays.
  8. leaving job with holidays

    Hey, is there any difference between leaving the work in the first part of the year or the second part of the year regarding the vacation? Not sure if it matters where is before end of June or 1st of July? Does this really matters?