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  1. Public vs. private health insurance

    thanks again John g and also to everyone else for your helpful advice. I will look into it and post here with how I get on.
  2. Public vs. private health insurance

    What if I have to supplement our income working freelance as an English teacher again (God forbid!) rather than as an "employee"- I was barely able to find public insurance the first time around?   Again thank you for all your help
  3. Public vs. private health insurance

    Thank you for all your replies. It seems to be a topical topic   Since April\May 2020 I have had zero income and consider myself Hausmann. Not seeking freelance employment nor claiming any benefits, but effectively primary carer\homemaker.(of course influenced in part by corona outbreak) Just in relation to your above comment John, as my income is below 470 a month, do I understand correctly that perhaps I should be exempt or perhaps at least entitled to a minimal premium as my wife is  Beamtin (maybe it is worth noting, I got into Public as a freelance teacher back in 2016\17 and I think they still consider me as a freelancer without a current income due to Corona rather than a Hausmann and maybe they are overlooking or failing to see her as a Beamtin and simply private. I may be clutching at straws here and having not yet read PandaMunichs post, I am sort of hoping that Beamtin´s spouses and children receive a special exemption or separate set of criteria to "normal" private insurees.
  4. Public vs. private health insurance

    Health insurance. No income but privately insured wifes income used to calculate my insurance rate   Greetings. Before I post my query, I think, having just read the previous posts on this thread that Starshollow provided an answer on 25th September 2019, which I believe applies to my case in the main. It does seem somewhat incredulous (not Starshollows explanation but the way the system operates in such an instance)  Am I making a correct comparison between the two cases?   Here is my post:   How does my wifes income affect my health insurance rate?   A few years ago I was luck enough to get onto public insurance with AOK as a freelance English teacher   SInce then my German wife (we married the end of 2019)  has qualified as a state highschool teacher and works full time but has opted for private health insurance.   Our two young children are insured through me.   Until recently I have been paying a modest 201 euro total for Krank... and Pfleig... combined. Over the last two years my income being decreasing tellingly. 2020 was only about 6000 pre tax profit and this year is 0 income so far (and will stay like this for the rest of this year most probably). On AOKs latest income assessment form I had stated I am now a hausmann as I am the primary carer during the week. I also applied having spoken to an AOK representative for the minimum rate.   Today I received a letter which states that my rate has now increased to 333 euro total per month. The reason being that even though i have no income because of Corona, this is based on my wifes income (about 4000 gross) and the fact that she is on private insurance.   The bit about not qualifying for family cover because she is private I understand, but the (apparently) high updated rate based on her income I am surprised by. I am trying to figure out the rational and\or the calculated rate and to reach clarity about is it the combined income that is used to calculate the insurance rate.   Thank you for your time