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  1. Is a car tax deductable?

    Hi again SInce the beginning of the current school year (September 2022) we are paying 200 per month to the school for a private shuttle to transport our 7 year old daughter to the school as she has been relocated and it is a considerable distance away   My question is whether I can include this in our tax return and if so does it go into the Anlage KInd under 10 - Schulgeld (Privatschule oder Schule in freier Trägerschaft)?   Thanks for your help!
  2. Is a car tax deductable?

    Yes, that is correct.   I am looking at it from the point of view that if we perhaps exceeded the 4500 costs per year in our own personal vehicle, then what expenses can I take into account and does this work also for a lease (To be honest, we  may not even come close to the 4500, I need to crunch the numbers but would be good to know what expenses I can use besides fuel costs
  3. Is a car tax deductable?

    You mean the 0.3 Euro per Kilometre?
  4. Is a car tax deductable?

    Greetings    Im about to do the tax return for 2022 in Elster (Using the Wiki of course) Just a quick question if I may regarding legitimate car expenses. My wife is a teacher and uses the car daily to commute to work. The car is a lease. In December we serviced the car (obligatory 12 month service as new in 2021) Rather than simply calculating the expense based on 0.30  per Kilometre, it might be worth our while to calculate manually, given the high cost of fuel and the service fee (If this is tax deductible!) From what I remember from last year the expense can be calculated ONLY for the drive to work and not the return, is this correct?  Regarding other relatable expenses which I can claim against- Can I include Fuel (calculated in relation to the number of Kms for the commute)? Service and Repair costs? Insurance payments? Leasing cost per month? The initial one time payment of 700 when the lease was taken out? And any other related expenses I might be missing out on?   I appreciate any insights the community my have   Warm regards   LittleWolfie