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  1. Failed my Eye Test for driving License

      Of course! And I can see their pets too, running to the middle of the road to chase a ball.
  2. Failed my Eye Test for driving License

  3. Failed my Eye Test for driving License

    My next plan is to visit an eye doctor, I just dont know what to expect. On the phone, the receptionist said, there is a special test they do but it costs around 100-150€ and I just don't know what that is.
  4. Firstly, I should mention that I wear glasses regularly. Even with glasses, I do not have a perfect vision as my number is very high. I went to Fielmann and there I failed the test because I could not see the ring opening after the first line (it was just too small). Then the optician confrmed my number, if I was wearing the correct number or not and I was. But it seems, I do not have minimum required vision in my right eye. I do not have any problems seeing roadsigns and stuff whenever I am in a car with friends. But now I dont know how to proceed. Am I even eligible to get a lincese now? Does the eye doctor do some other test to find out how much vision is there and in that case what are the extra charges for these special cases?