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  1.   I fully understood that before even posting my OP. My point is that there aren't just 3 leg lengths per waist size in adults. Just having short, normal and long isn't enough, and scaling the length pro-rate with the waist loses a lot of people. The typical adult male leg length ranges from around 28" to 40", that includes 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40. Choosing 3 of those (30, 33 and 36 for example) leaves a lot of people wearing ridiculously short or long trousers that either get sent back or need adjusting. Here's an example size chart from C&A. You might say choose your waist size and then select either Normalgrössen, Kurgrössen or Kurz untersetzt. In this case it gets even worse - all you could choose from on their dropdown size selection menu was S-6XL. There wasn't an option to choose leg length. So ordering them you don't know which of the lengths you might get (N, K or KU).   I did eventually find some there - I took a risk on the length and they worked out perfectly. This is a rare situation and that size table certainly didn't fill me with confidence but I got lucky. Now I'll probably order some more of those same ones. I'm still mystified as to how I randomly got the right length without being able to select it even if one of them was what I was looking for - I couldn't choose it. There was a 15cm difference between the shortest and the longest and C&A don't know which of them I wanted.  
  2.   Man.   I don't need help looking up the right size, as I said, the German sizes are flawed - they don't have any inside leg measurement whatsoever, and the lengths are linked to the waist size in a linear fashion. You can't be skinny with long legs or fat with short legs - your waist defines your leg length and anything outside of that rule fails. British and American sites let you choose them independently and you can buy a perfect fit without even trying them on. I feel like I'm repeating what I said earlier.
  3.   I don't need them to be in inches, I can convert inches to cm easily enough. It's the inability to order by specifying waist size and inside leg that's frustrating.   I did manage to order some yesterday from C&A 
  4.   Great suggestion. Not sure why I didn't think of trying them. Thanks.
  5. I've been having difficulty finding anywhere that sells trousers here in Germany using the Waist x Inside Leg measurement system. Lots of British and American sites will have two dropdowns in their pages, one where you select waist size and one where you select inside leg. You can be 28" waist and 36" inside leg if you want, or at the opposite end you might have 50" waist and 28" inside leg. All shapes and sizes catered for. With German sites (and in stores) as the waist size increases, so does the leg length. So someone with a 50" waist will have 42" inside legs (giant person rather than fat person). Similarly a person with a 28" waist would be expected to have a 28" inside leg. You can't be long and thin or short and fat in this country it seems. In the pre-brexit era, I'd always order online from Britain but that's less appealing now due to lack of free trade; more expensive delivery, customs, duties, having to make a click-and-collect appointment at the customs place - it's really not a financially viable option now.   Does anyone have any links to good websites that sell regular men's trousers and jogging bottoms (not jeans) using Waist x Inside Leg?