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  1. The only contact I have is the agency that manages it, and it's holiday. Will have to call them tomorrow morning.
  2. Ah, you give me hope.
  3. Hello, due to a clogged pipe and a leaking flusher, water reached the parquet and the flat below. They might now claiming some damages. I would like to know (1) if this is the kind of things covered by the owner's insurance or do you think I'm personally liable myself as the tenant, (2) if the latter applies, given I don't have an insurance, what's the correct way to pay them out, for example should I pay the tenant or the owner directly; should I wait for written demands or go by shake of hands? and (3) how do I defend myself against unproportional demands, i.e. if they end up asking ten thousand for minor floor damages. Any other recommendation is welcome.