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  1. Offset trading losses

    Any idea? Can these kind of questions be asked from the Finanzamt?
  2. Investing money

    I do not have any suggestion. But i think you might think to invest on non-American etf s.  I am also thinking about that, so far i have not been able to find a good one. Please also share if you found good choices
  3. Offset trading losses

    There is a new rule from 2021, that the loss from trading futures, options... can only be offset up to 20000 Euro and the rest is transferred to the next year. Does anybody know what is the rule about the Verlustvortrag (the old losses until the end of 2020)?   For example if someone has a loss of 30000 Euro euro until the end of 2020, and earns 30000 Euro in 2021, should he still pay any tax? Thank you.