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  1. Sending daughter to school 1 year later.

    Thank u so much for this insight.. it’s exactly what I try to focus on.. I don’t think too much of how my child will perform academically, I wouldn’t care if she had to reaper a year 10times as long as she’s happy, learning and doing something she loves in the long term. I have a PhD and my sister hardly finished her high school. She’s a way more successful person than I am and runs her own business today. Point is I don’t measure success in school as success in life... I just think if my child is really advanced then she may be discouraged and bored if not challenged. She’s an only child of a single mother.  I give her all my time and attention which translates to her spending way too much time with an adult, speaking and behaving like one took. it really is so difficult to decide on her maturity. I have invited different friends of different ages for play dates and observed her closely. She seems to interact more with the older kids and get frustrated with the younger ones or ones of her age.
  2. Sending daughter to school 1 year later.

    No bcos albeit we live in Germany she’s in the French section at her school. She speaks all three languages (French, German and English) fluently. as I do everything with her in English I put would like for her to get her education in French as it’s her second mother tongue. 
  3. Sending daughter to school 1 year later.

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me posting here, I’m new to this and didn’t know how to start a new post!  I have to a slight opposite issue to yours. My daughter is also an April born and she is 5 now. She is very bright and in a private school which means she will get a lot of attention in a class of no more than 15 kids. I decided to start her in first grade this year and had her tested by a therapist for her IQ and emotional readiness and the therapist strongly suggested not to hold her back. I am still indecisive and the director of the school thinks she should stay in kindergarten for another year. I am worried this will drag her down. She’s been talking about going to first class for the past few months already. I worry the director’s decision is only based on financials and not what’s best for my child especially that her teacher was initially on board and acknowledges my daughter’s intellectual capabilities.  I am like you covid is making me think to wait another year mainly bcos I don’t want her to be home schooled in the first and most critical year of life doesn’t get back to normal by September.  does anyone have some experience or opinion that can help me make up my mind!