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  1. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! Any idea how long they might take to do that? If let's say I haven't heard back by next year would it mean they haven't corrected it for some reason or that it would be taken into account in my next tax return?
  2. Hi everyone,   I have a quick question about corrections to the tax return after having submitted it and received the taxes back.   I did my tax return early this year and already received my money back already, which was a bit higher than expected. A few days ago, I received a letter from the employer saying there was an error with their software and that the piece of paper that they send you at the beginning of year, which you use for the tax return (can't remember the German term I'm afraid), had a mistake on the field of social contributions, as in the numbers there show me as paying more than I actually do. They say we don't need to do anything and that they will forward the correct data to the tax office.   My question is, what happens in cases like this here in Germany? Since I have already claimed and received my money back, would the tax office now recalculate my tax return and ask me to pay money back? Or will they not care since my case has already been processed? I have tried asking around but gotten conflicting answers and I just want to know whether I should be holding on to the money or not?    Thanks a lot for your replies!   Cheers, N.