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  1. Hello everyone!    So after the last post, we got a flat in Zuffenhausen! Yay! We're in the process of moving.   I'd like to get my hair permed at a salon where the hairdressers preferably speak English and is relatively affordable.  I know the title says Zuffenhausen area but I'm okay with travelling a bit.    Thanks in advance      
  2. Hairdressers in Zuffenhausen area

    Thanks so much for the recommendation. I will definitely give her a call. Like you, I also have a deficiency in the follicular department. Hopefully she will have some advice about what to do with it. 
  3. Hello! New here!!   We are an Indian couple (and cat) looking for an affordable place to put down roots somewhere between Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Möhringen.   My husband's potential job is near Möhringen and I'd like to work or do a PhD in either Karlsruhe or Stuttgart, depending on where I get in. A place between all three cities would ensure we could change jobs in the future without having to move.   My husband has been in Germany for nearly 10 years and I've been here for 3. We are thinking about expanding our family soonish so we'd like a place that's friendly, has all the necessities without having to traipse into the nearest metro and potentially has a bilingual Kita or two.were also looking to expand our friends circle   Pforzheim is a frontrunner but any other city you could suggest would be great!
  4. Thank you so much for your advice guys! We will definitely keep it in mind. Apparently my husband will be working closer to Stuttgart rather than Möhringen, so it's just a case of finding a place in Stuttgart now. Hopefully, I make it into Stuttgart's University rather than Karlsruhe's.